Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review Tuesday - One Shot Goblin Chicken Rider...

Damn.. Ok.. so James has finished off another kickstarter.. after doing his massive Big Smoke one just finalizing recently as well..

But this is a slightly different one as it was a single piece being produced and sold. With the extras being things that were easy to deal with, or already been produced thanks to the Big Smoke. Smart move there, as it will make the entire post kickstarter process much faster ( barring any unforeseen instances as always ).

Backing this kickstarter was a no brainer for me though. James has been a great friend with getting our own miniatures off the ground. Providing some advice to avoid a few pitfalls that are common, making my own launches of models ( past, present and future ) much easier.

But with having friends in high places it seems that I also got the luck of an early copy of the model! So for me this is the faster released kickstarter I have ever backed being that it showed up 1 day after the campaign ended.. ;) I do not think I could foresee any kickstarter ever being faster :D

Upside.. got it quickly.. downside.. no special container and label. Honestly.. that is fine cause looking at the piece, anyone who has backed this kickstarter will be very very happy with the quality of the piece.

Looking at the concept art, and the photo of the original up on the site, you can tell it has a lot of small details throughout the model.. but it is not until you get the piece in your hand that you can see how tiny the pieces are, and how much detail can be put to a detail on a detail...

Cracking it open as soon as I received it you can begin to see how tiny this is.. the squares are 1 inch in length. The level of details that Valentin Zak has put on this is insane.. and James caster has done a magnificent job at capturing all the details here.

I was really caught off guard with all the tiny little spikes all over the model here... Be it on the head, the back, or on the lance there.. And the details on the toenails as well.. just wow..

And to think this is just the goblin rider!

The large chicken is just as equally detailed, right down to the wings associated to it.

Huge kudos to Zak for his sculpting, the caster for his skill at small fragile pieces, and James for his thought on what he was looking for and bringing together a great concept art, sculptor, and caster to realize this piece.

But wait.. that's not all! James went one step further to look for a talented artist to paint up the boxart for it. There was a posting on facebook about looking for artist.. I had offered my services ( a bit tongue in cheek though ) and was turned down.. honestly.. it was the right choice lol.. considering that he got Lil Legend Studios to paint it up for him which was epic..

Prior to seeing it in person I was kinda like ok.. this is a good paint job.. after seeing the scale of the model, and the small details that exist within it.. this paint job just went up to a wow job to me.. and something that I will need to have further looks at for inspiration on how to paint up my copy.

So if you backed this kickstarter from Infamy's James Griffith owner.. than you will be very happy that you did! And considering how well he is on the production schedule, you could even be seeing it before the date shown from Kickstarter as well! No guarantees of course, but there is a good chance of it happening ( more so if everyone fills in their backerkit profiles and details as soon as it comes out! Always helpful to the kickstarter owners! )..

And if you missed this, I am not sure if James will have any extras to sell outside of the kickstarter, but he does have plans to do more One Shot projects. Honestly.. if he does.. I highly recommend picking them up! You can be sure that they will be uber detailed.. high quality.. and with his experience now at releasing models.. they will be on time or early! A great combination of skills happening here..

Now the only thing I need to do is think up a nice little scene for it to sit on.. including some interesting colors to put on the chicken there itself.. maybe something dinosaur like? Or Star Wars original trilogy styled colors ( as Lil Legend seems to have captured slightly? maybe? ).. too many options and possibilities here..


  1. You lucky man.

    Glad I'd backed this. Didn't back the Big Smoke couple of years ago as KickStarter was a whole new thing for me. You're right think you can do some crazy colours on the mount. Hopefully not too difficult to put together.

    1. Ain't I though? And yes.. the piece is quite impressive mate.. lots of choices with it, and the quality is sublime! Am sure we will see a lot of great variations of it going up on the web in short order.. ;)

  2. What a wonderfully bizarre and unique model - can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. If time allows, I might attempt to get part of it painted during our paint off.. maybe as part of the L'amour challenge.. will let that sit in and see if you can work out how it might fit for me :D

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