Monday, January 25, 2016

Beep Beep.. gun toting Jeeps coming through!

Beep beep.. hot lead coming through!

This is a trio of jeeps that I finished the last week, but seemed to forget to post about them here!

Tons of fun to paint up, and they were done after the Pershing, but not with all the techniques tossed in. I don't want to spend that much time on things that die if they sit closer to the enemy than myself just because they are classified as transports still.

One thing I did do differently on these to the Pershing that I am quite happy with is the weathering.

On the wheels and sides of the jeeps were coated with thinned down ModelMates Mud pigments. Both dark ( as a base ) and light to give it some color and contrast.

I have to say that these came out much better than I was expecting after the Pershing debacle, and I think I need to just tweak it a bit more to get it fully right. I hope anyways.. But I do see it being used more in the future on lighter colored bases to really shine.

Also on these guys I skipped the black oil wash, and did a pinwash with black ink instead. Trying to be a bit more controlled on the use of it, and not given it a massively darken state look. I think it was more of a success as well, though took more time to get done.

Overall I am very happy with them.. I think I do need more Jeeps, and maybe some variations between them. As these all have the window frame pushed down, maybe a couple with it up still, and then the decals maybe for the hoods. Also since I will be painting them later on ( as in not now ) the colors will shift, so that is another reason to go with some different jeep designs.

Just have to see how well they do in game now.. which should be on Tuesday ( tomorrow ) when they go up against the Germans once more! To which another post will be incoming on 3 German tanks I painted up for my opponent recently as well :D

Enjoy the week.. hope the weekend was productive.. and hope more paint work with happen for all those out there!

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