Thursday, January 21, 2016

Japanese Armor roll call!

I had recently posted up my work on the American armor platoon, but then my Japanese got jealous that they got fully painted up vehicles when the Japanese had been around first ( in my shelves at least! ).

So I reprimed all the Japanese armor then, and went to town on them!

With all the armor out, I was able to get the base coats laid down, but instead of using masking putty to do the camo on them, I just freehand it with the airbrush instead. I think it worked ok, and I tried to go a bit brighter with the yellow this time. As the previous tries were too dark, and got lost when laying down the washes and pigments.

So my Ho-Ni Type 3 was a lot of fun to paint up. The heaviest tank we have I believe out of the full range.

Followed by the Chi-nu which is still a medium, but holding some heavier armaments on it. Plus the respected MMG on the front hull.

The dual Ho-Ros that were some of the first pieces I had painted first time around. Mostly due to their heavy howitzers that came with them, and how good they are to clear out infantry units ( 3d6 hits at +4 pen ).. also a magnet for all the shooting which allowed my troops to get closer to charge range :) My club hates me at times when I play this force :D

The Shin-HoTo command tank. The only tank we have with this skill in our army, which gives us a bit of an edge when creating Tank War lists. Not over powered, but gives out some serious hurt with the upgraded main cannon ( medium AT compared to the Chi-Ha's Light Howitzer ).

Speaking of Chi-Has.. I have been collecting them for a while it seems, with little to no paint on them. The main workhorses of the Japanese armor platoons in my opinion, and thus deserving of paint.

The Ke-Nu.. a very light tank.. and one that I thought was more of an armored car than a tank, but I was wrong. Thankfully only bought one of them.. :) It is funny to play with as it is very lightly armed, and fragile at the same time. Not something that I bring out too often, unless I want a cheap tank to harrass the enemies with.

And the last ones are my dual Type 92 armored cars. I love the idea of them, and they work in greta tandem to the Chi-Has with their combo MMG/HMGs. But the casting of the pieces from a company in US, that over stated their cost on the packaging, and thus cost me more in customs than the tanks themselves.. Not happy considering ho you can see it is a 3D printed tank, with no clean up for the lines of the piece on it.

Overall, once all the basic colors were laid down, everything was gloss varnished, and then washed with black oil. Then matte varnished, so that I could do a quick drybrush of a lighter green, and copious amounts of model mates sand pigments added to the tanks.

Just happy to see that they are all finished now, and that I can check off another section of my Japanese forces to be fully painted up and finished.

More armor photos to come soon!


  1. Wow! Another huge entry, amazing job Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael.. am really happy to be in this competition, as it is pushing me to finish some of my older projects. Otherwise I would have probably started 3 more by this time, and finished none of them! :D


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