Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Boar Boys and Trolls

Ok, so with IzmirCon, Dark Elf Army, and the K'daai Destroyer all behind me now.. I can focus on my Project Night Goblin army for MetuCon coming up on the 21st!

First unit up are 7 Boar boys. These were obtained through a trade for painting another army. It was stated that they were all OOP, however 2 were the new plastics, and all the OOP models were in absolute horrible shape. I have done my best to clean them up, but some of them were beyond repair unfortunately. It was the last time I had done a trade of painting for models, and although I was tempted once more, it too fell apart due to "changing" circumstances on the other parties side. Both people I have stopped doing commissions for.

Anyways, enough background information.. some photos!!

I know I said 7, there was one model I had from before. I did not update him, but I did redo the base just a bit. When together you can hardly tell which one it is, but in these photos it is probably pretty obvious.

I actually had more fun with these guys than I thought I would have though. And I am also thankful that I waited until I had figured out the airbrush too before tackling them, as the Boars came out great IMO with a technique I learned from BuyPainted on YouTube. The only parts I touched with regular brush was the snouts, and horns. If I ever get some Wolf Riders, they will probably be getting the same treatment as these boars did.

For the riders, I also used the Airbrush quite a lot on them. After an initial Black Primer, I had done a light grey primer from Vallejo via Airbrush, and then all the skin in a dark Vallejo Air Color Green. Layered with another slightly less dark green. Then I hit all the armor parts with a black/brown coloring.

The rest was by brush, with a highlight to the skin, armor pieces getting either VGC Tin Bitz or GW Boltgun Metal as a base. Layered up once for bronze to VGC Brassy Bronze, and then heavily washed with Delvan Mud and Black washes.

I think they came out good.. though they cannot rank up to save their lives at the moment. But considering that they are for the mega game, I don't have massive hopes for them anyways, so no problems with that.

The second grouping I finished last night were 2 Battle for Skull Pass trolls I have had collecting dust for a while now. As my friend BuRock puts it.. they look like they are glowing in the photos..

Since I already have 2 of them in this scheme ( but not as well done ) I went really quick on them. 3 layers of Airbrush blue. Starting with VGC Ultramarine Blue, then VGC Enchanted Blue, and then VAC Ice Blue. This was then washed with GW Asuraman Blue before I touched the moles or pimples with Ice blue with the brush itself to give it a final pop.

Stone work is just a mix of different greys with the VGC Codex Grey being the base.

Was really quick work, and I am ok with the final result as well.

Last, but not least, I then went through my collection and attempted to pick out what models need a bit more attention and lined them up outside the army itself so I know what to work on.

Although the bunch above looks finished, there are a lot of parts missing. Arrow satchels, bow leather, teeth, eyes, touching up the black etc.. minor things on most. There are a few that have nothing done to them, but only 3 or 4 at most. 66 models in total in this lot. Shouldn't take too long to get through actually.

The last photo here shows a bit more work, and is actually missing 12 Orc Arrow boys also that need to be completely redone. Not everything here will go into the game, unless I can make some adjustments and make them fit.. mmm.. will play around with it a bit and see what I can do..

But the last lot are:

  • 12 fanatics
  • 6 spider rider bases, but spiders are done
  • Goblin Hero ( OOP )
  • Squig Herder
  • 2 Goblins on Wolves ( will be heroes )
  • Savage Ork on Boar ( might make into a Shaman )
  • 12 Orc Arrow boys.. not shown
Best part is, the wife and kid are taking off to the in-laws tonight and tomorrow, so I will have a good amount of time to blast through these hopefully. Goal is to get the top bunch done first, as they should take that long, and then get to work on the bottom bunch. Working on the fanatics and bases first. And follow it up with the Orc Arrow boys second. 

Hope to be able to show more next week.. till then.. cheers.. 

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