Thursday, April 19, 2012

100 Posts?? Whodathunkit..

Very surprised to be here.. to be honest, after the massive hiatus that I experienced in the beginning of this blog, I was not sure I would be able to keep it up. And since this is the 3rd time around for this whole blogging thing, I am very happy that I was able to get back into it so much as of late.

The narcissistic part of me is happy to see that I have gotten almost 30 followers, and almost 8k hits. Most of which occurred after I began to get more serious into this painting and posting about it. Whats more, as I began to post more about the projects I was working on, and getting some feedback ( and the hits ) I began to paint more and more.

The other sides of my personality though just like that this has been great motivation to just paint more. I also have began to get more involved in other forums, and to "socialize" with other bloggers out there in the gaming Blog-o-sphere..

Some of the blogs that I have been getting into contact more with are:

  • Stahly's Tale of Painters: This one I originally joined for the network ability, however after looking through it, and seeing their projects, this has changed. It is actually motivating to see some of the works coming out of these 4 guys. Especially the larger projects like the Tyranids and the Arachnarok Spider. 
  • House of Paincakes: Again for networking, however also because they have quite the humor going on with their articles. Also the series concerning the Owner of a Game Store is quite eye opening. 
  • Frontline Gamer: This is more of an interesting one. The guy has quite the sense of humor, but in reality we ( those that follow him ) think he is being controlled by cats.. why? Cause they appear in his blog posts too often. He recently gave away a Krull from Maelstrom. I mean seriously.. that is amazing. It seems every time I go to read his blog, he shows his connection to another big name in the miniature gaming industry. Also, he seems to think that 300k hits in 8 months is nothing to be proud of.. Rest of us think otherwise.. definitely one to watch more and to check out. 
  • Laughing Ferret: Again a blog that started up roughly the same time as mine, and pumping out a ton of great articles. Especially his A-Z series each April. Commission painter who does it full time as his regular job. Have to say that it is something that some of us can only dream of, but you need his skill level to pull it off for sure. Check out any of his Blood Bowl teams.. seems to be his specialty and he definitely has a passion for it.
  • Garganthar: Not really a great blog, nor any real good content there, half fast images at best, and mediocre usage of English.. HA! Sorry BuRock.. had to.. Seriously.. this is one of my buddies from Turkey here, residing out of Izmir. Met him 3 yrs ago at the IzmirCon that he was organizing, and probably was the last well run convention in Izmir since. Don't let that go to your head mate! Recently he has been focusing on his Chaos Dwarf army. Some really good pieces in it, especially the K'Daai Destroyer. He has had quite a bit of success with them as of late, especially in the latest IzmirCon Fantasy tournament where be placed second place. Congrats once more for that!
  • The Angry Lurker: Can't remember how I found this one, but it launched a series of connections to the rest of Posties Rejects. Some great work from them, mostly in the 15mm ranges. The author of the blog has quite the sense of humor, and also the rivalry going with a co-worker and fellow Postie, Ray from Don't Throw a 1. Always funny to read the commentary between them. 
There are a ton more that I am following at the moment, but these are the ones that I have been drawing inspiration from, and will probably continue to do so for the next 100 posts. 

Goals for the next while though will be a few more articles concerning the Night Goblins, the work along the process of the Daemons project, Napoleonic Austrian project, and my own Chaos Dwarf project. Along with this, I will probably pull some more Scibor models, Busts, and 54mm models that I have kicking around. All of these projects ( aside from the Nap army ) will be done at a higher quality like the Dark Elfs of higher still if I can muster it. 

Over all, I am hoping to continue the motivation and progress even with the changing landscape of my working environment. Though that might be better or worst depending on which direction it takes.. more on that when it is more clear. 

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  1. Congrats Mr.Lee, sorry it took so long to find you in the blogosphere, good blog!


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