Friday, April 20, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Road to MetuCon Arrives

So a quick post prior to heading out to Ankara tonight for MetuCon. I spent the last couple weeks prepping for this, and even going to the IzmirCon to test out the horde formations of my Night Goblins, and the double Arachnarok spiders in a single list.

With that in mind, I am ready for the days ahead now. Saturday is prepped and ready to play a 6000 point Night Goblin vs Dwarf game. Basically it is me and BuRock playing our entire collections from our main armies together as a huge demo game. Not sure how it will go, but I know it will be great! Why? Cause I am playing against a 3 time top Sportsmanship winning player, so worst case I have the best game of the year, and he has to put up with me :) But seriously, it will be cool to see how we manage with so many units on the table. As you can see from the photos, my army does not do well on a 6x1 foot deployment zone. So we have opted to find a second battle mat, and make the game on a 8x6 foot table. Should be impressive, and a  8x2 foot deployment should solve the traffic congestion occurring above.

As far as progress goes.. see the photos below on the before and after effects of painting this army over the past 5 weeks.

As you can see, a few extra units were actually squeezed in at the last moment here. Thank you eBay for providing me some more chaff and characters to bolster the lines. If I actually used them as characters I would be up to 7k pts fairly easy, but 6k will do ;)

As far as the full list of models go.. I will post that up with the battle report sometime next week.

Day 2, Sunday will be a 40k tournament held by the Tusot group in Turkey. I have absolutely no hopes of doing good in it as I am taking my Daemons of Chaos and assume I will be going up against nothing but mech lists. Still, will be a nice way to spend the Sunday, and more so since the wife and little one will be going around and visiting her old high school and collage friends. Sorry.. can't say that this would be that much fun. More so since they will want to speak Turkish, and I would be forced to either playing on the Tablet for hours on end or take Sam to the park once the novelty of having him around her friends wears off.

Anyways.. hopefully we get a chance to leave work a bit early, and can get to Ankara in a decent amount of time tonight. Best case it is a 5 hrs drive.. worst case.. 8.. ugh.. wish me luck.. both on the trip and the weekend!

Couple more shots of the army, and some of the terrain I am taking with us for the game.


  1. That is an impressive army/horde and good luck!

  2. awesome shots mate. can't wait for tomorrow. see you there...


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