Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Weekend Update

Well the weekend has past, and there is even less time until MetuCon whereby this Night Goblin army needs to be completed.

Thankfully, I had a "bit" of time over the weekend to work on some models. Whats some? Well..

  • 12 Orc Arrow boys
  • 12 Fanatics
  • 30 Night Goblin Spearmen Updates
  • 26 Night Goblin Archers Updates
  • 13 Night Goblin Command Models Updates
  • Goblin Boss
  • Night Goblin Squig Herder
  • Updates on some Daemon OOP models also
So as stated.. I had a "bit" of time over the weekend to work on these.. The biggest challenge though was "dumbing" down my paint jobs to the Night Goblin models overall. Mainly due to the fact that this army was started some 6 yrs ago when I first came to Turkey. As such the quality is a bit, um.. poor to say the least. As much as I would like to completely update the the style.. to do so over 400+ models.. is not something that I have time or energy for at the moment. Not with the Daemon of Chaos project looming. 

So some pictures below.. enjoy..

30 Night Goblin Spearmen

Orc Arrow Boys

Fanatics.. to add to the 6 I already own!

Close up of the OOP ones.. 

Goblin boss on the left, Squig Herder on the right

Night Goblin Archers

Various Night Goblin Command models.. 

Below are what is left to be painted up for this army.. and I still have 1 more Boar boy incoming from eBay as well. Once this is done, then I will have over 6k pts of Night Goblins and chaff completed, and can officially move over to the Daemons of Chaos project..

Whats left.. 2 Goblins on Wolfs, 1 Savage Orc on Board, 2 Night Goblins

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