Monday, April 16, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Terrain: Fences

Ok, just a quick one..

With MetuCon looming, and our desire to have a massive game ( 6k points of Night Goblins vs Dwarfs ), we needed to ensure that we had enough adequate terrain for the game.

I am lucky enough that a few of my regular gaming buddies have loaned me some terrain to use at home, and I will be transporting this to Ankara for the big game. However even with all the terrain that we have ( Trees, Paper houses, GW Watch Tower, Ruins etc ) we don't have any real obstacles to use.

So with that in mind, I set to work to make a few. No real planning was made for them, nor any template used. I just began to cut up spare Balsa wood from the Destroyer project, and started to affix it to some stock cardboard pieces.

For basing, since it was just cardboard, I used the Vallejo Black Lava to give it some texture. I have to say that I am really impressed with this stuff, and will be ordering some of the Stone and Sandy pastes very soon for other projects. It is quite versatile, and will probably be replacing me need for sand in the future. Possibly ;)

As you can see the fences are just normal picket fence styled, with 2 longer 6in pieces used to hold them all together.

I had done a quick test to see how they would sit against other units.. you can see the results below..

Flesh hounds can see over, so no problems here.  
Again Beastmen can also see over, even the Gors can!

Night Goblins however, might have some troubles here.. 
From here, once the Vallejo Black Lava was dried, I sprayed the entire thing with VGC Beasty Brown through the airbrush. Followed up with VGC Tierra Earth, and drybrushed with VGC Khaki.

Bases were given the normal treatment of Beastly Brown, Tierra Earth, Khaki, Bone White, and washed with an old pot of GW Flesh Wash. I then added some very bright green flock, that seems to fit in nicely with the GW Battle Mat.

Finished product looks like this..

Overall, I think they came out nicely, and when placed on the mat, and defended by an Orc Boar Boy they make a good defended obstacle to have. Plus they only took about 2 hrs to make from start to finish, so also that can't be bad can it?

I probably won't make any more terrain for the mega game since there is barely a week left now before we leave, and I still need to figure out the transportation of 500+ models, plus terrain, plus everything that the family might want to bring with them on the trip. Since it is being held in Ankara, my wife's hometown, she and the little one are coming with to visit family and friends while I toss dice and have some good laughs.

Should be fun!


  1. Excellent stuff Mr.Lee, I like the Vallejo black lava stuff as well!

    1. That stuff is becoming my new hot stuff to use as of late.. just keep finding places to use it.. was just happy I could get these done for the big game this weekend. Much needed for my NGs..


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