Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Black Orc on Boar

Last model for the Night Goblin army.. and its a Black Orc! One that I like to call BaRack O'Bamyah! To be a future Black Orc Warboss on War Boar. 

I painted his armor to be more golden or lighter bronze to make him stand out more. As if he has the best armor of the group. Most likely it is the Armor of Gork! But we will see how that goes and if it works out in game play or not. 

And in the words of BaRack O'Banyah.. Yes We Waaaaaaghhhh!!!!


  1. He certainly stands out as an amazing colourful figure!

    1. Thanks! Was the point ;) Though he was the target of many warmachines in our mega battles and thus didn't do much, but in the future I plan to use him as either a special character or a Warboss on Boar! And it would be only fitting to have the best armor!


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