Thursday, April 12, 2012

IzmirCon: Battle reps from the Tournament Pt 3

This is a continuation from my previous 2 parts of the tournament..

It requires some forewarning.. this is not a happy post.. and I suspect much venom to be spat back at me for it.. but it is how I felt it went, how I still feel about it.. and why I would take the actions that I will take if it occurs again in the future.. again.. you have been forewarned!


For my final game.. well I will begin with saying this.. out of every game I have ever played, I have never had the displeasure to have such abject pain and anger in all my 20-ish years of gaming..

I will start with saying that although I like the rib jabbing, and can usually give as well as I can take considering game play.. this opponent did not understand neither the difference, nor when to stop pushing the line.

His list was something like this:

  • Lvl 4 Caster
  • 2x Lvl 2 casters
  • Casket of Souls
  • 8 Chariots
  • Skull Catapult
  • Monster with howda ( never caught the name )
  • 20 Skeletons
  • 35 Tomb guard?

At best I can describe my opponent as being like rush hour traffic in Istanbul on the first bridge when a car accident is imminent to occur. What I mean is he was overly aggressive, invasive to others space, unnecessarily loud and ignorant of those around him. More than one person came to me after the game and asked how I had not blown up and gone off on him considering how he was acting even before the game began.

In the end, the game was very quick. I had attempted to actually play the game until the first turn came around, and he began to argue over rules that were not even causing a problem yet or were needing to be discussed yet. He also began to stand uncomfortably close to me while he or I rolled our dice. What do I mean by uncomfortably? I mean I have had dates when I was younger that I never got this close to them, even by the 5th date.. any closer and I would have had to file for sexual harassment charges. Even when moving away from him, he continued to stay within BO smelling range of me.

It was from this point that I did everything I could to make the game faster for us, and get it over as quickly as possible. I moved my troops to be in the best position for him to charge me, and set up targets that allowed him to do as much damage to me as possible. I stopped arguing over the rules, and just said fine, and went with it. By turn 3, a few others around the table caught on to what I was doing, but I am not sure if my opponent did as he continued his overly aggressive tactics, and continued to try to brow beat me at every turn. I foolishly tried to ask a question on turn 4 about something, and got squashed with a reply of chanting and "Be a Man" or some sort of non-sense.

To say the least I lost.. by a massacre amount.. I had made it so that everything was destroyed.. EXCEPT THE GIANT!!!! Somehow, me thinking if it charged his big monster and got into combat it would die, however it continued to cause 'eadbutts or Yell and Brawl against him, causing him to lose combat, and suffer maybe 1 wound. In the end of the game I finally killed it. Go figure.. the one game I try to lose on purpose and the Giant refuses to die! However all the others he dies quickly and with little impact against my opponent.

Where here is a shot of the initial set up anyways..

To add injury to insult.. the red temple gave all undead a 6+ regen, and the hill to my right was classified as impassible terrain.

Oh well.. as soon as my game was over ( which lasted maybe 30-40 minutes at most ) my opponent then went off to "help" other tables.. including at one point picking up dice that had succeeded to help move the games along faster. Or providing unsolicited advice on rules that again were not causing a problem at that point in the games.

If I match up with him again, I will have words first with the organizer to change my opponent, or he will once more get a win, but it will be by forfeit. I am still upset, and get the shakes when thinking of the game and the experience.

Not a great way to finish off a tournament.. not a good taste to leave me with considering every other tournament I have gone to in Turkey I have come out of thinking "Wow! That was so much fun.. " and retelling the stories of unexpected upsets or victories where there shouldn't have been.

Better luck next time for me then.. 1 win, 1 lose, and 1 throw away. Hopefully if there are any tournaments in MetuCon in 3 weeks, I don't play against such people, and win/lose or tie, I have more fun than this one.

Now at least I have written it up, and can focus back on more important things like.. opening up my eBay packages that just arrived, or looking to what I have left to paint up for MetuCon.


  1. I feel your pain sir and you are a better man than me as I would have kicked him in the crackers probably, you're a gentleman sir!

    1. Thanks Fran.. was told that a few times at the convention also.. really killed the tournament for me.. was not the best finish to a day of gaming..

  2. Where was the T.O. in all of this? Sounds like everyone has this guy's number, it's time for the T.O. to pull this guy aside, give a warning then pull him out after that. This jerk is going to ruin the day of the 5 or 6 people he plays against, and sounds like others as well, even though he isn't playing them.

    A good T.O. has to realize this, and get Kantian about it: better to kick this guy out, ruin his day than ruin the day of many others.

    I've only experienced a couple tournament games with jerks like this or other weird things. Like the guy who almost started crying when I his army was losing. Yikes, that was a whole lot of weird.

    If the guy came with a friend, maybe someone should explain it to his friend, see if he can get through to the guy. But from the sound of it, I can't imagine he has a friend.

    Such a bad situation when stuck playing someone like that. Do you just throw the game, concede and say 'you win, I'm not wasting my life & blood pressure -it isn't worth it" do you attack back and crush him? No way in hell I'd let this guy walk up to my game when playing someone else and start brow beating in.

    What a nightmare. Well, congrats to the giant! ;)

    1. Thanks LF.. however the TO was brand new, and more concerned that everyone followed his rules than people having fun. Any issues were really ignored. You can see the post concerning the tournament organization that I posted last week.

      He has started arguments in previous tournaments also against members of our club as well. But since he is from another city, his club's rules and ours are different ( as are how we play, and how to act around each other ).

      All told, even almost 2 weeks later I regret even playing him and get upset at this game. Just means I will walk away next time, as it is like you state, not worth wasting my life and blood pressure on him.

      Upside.. the giant did great.. even when I tried to repeatedly get him killed :) Go figure!

  3. I was in Izmir in April and it didn't occur to me to check if there was a local wargaming scene! I am kicking myself now!


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