Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IzmirCon: Battle reps from the Tournament Pt 1

And so the battle reports of the tournament, and my standings within it.

I have to start off by saying that I had high hopes for this tournament.. it is the one that first got me started in the national tournament scene here in Turkey, and one that I look forward to as it usually is the first of the year to kick off the season.

For this tournament I took my Goblins. Always a fun list, and an army that either wins big or losses big.. but its sure to be interesting either way.

My list consisted of the following:
  • Lvl 4 Goblin Shaman on Arachnarok, Dispel Scroll and DragonHelm
  • Goblin Boss, 4+ ward, 
  • Night Goblin BSB, with 2+ save
  • 2x49 Night Goblins with Nets, Full Command, Spears and 2 Fanatics
  • 1x50 Night Goblins with Nets, Full Command, Spears and 2 Fanatics
  • Arachnarok Spider
  • Giant
So it was 3 blocks, 3 heros, 3 monsters.. to play against 3 opponents at my 3rd IzmriCon tournament. I thought it was only fitting :)

My first opponent didn't disappoint me then as he was also one of the guys that I came with 3 yrs ago when starting this scene here in Turkey. He is also one of those guys that always brings a hard list so I know it will be a challenge and thus a fun game. It also helps he is quite the guy for making things a bit fair, and even lets those of us that still don't know ALL the rules, a minor take back when needed.

He brought back his Daemons from last years Summer tournament. It consisted of:
  • 2x Heralds of Khorne
  • Herald of Tzeentch
  • 2x39 Bloodletters
  • 2 Fiends
  • 5 Furies
  • 5 Flamers
  • 6 Flamers
So just a bit of a strong list, but was still going to be fun to take them on.. 

I have already mentioned in yesterdays article how this game was unfortunately cut very short, and we had just over an hour to play through the game. That being said the highlights were as follows:
  • No animosity being rolled for the Night Goblins! They continually passed every test!
  • DoC set up beautifully, hording everything to the right of the impassible terrain in the center ( the Garden of Morr here was impassable.. good job on the description of terrain ref! ), and was able to deal with my army in piecemeal because of it. 
  • The bright blue Arachnarok Spider was shot at continously from the 5 flamers, but taking only 1 wound from over 40 shots!!!! However once in combat, the flamers held on to 1 man with 1 wound, allowing the Bloodletters beside him to flank charge it, and kill it after 2 rounds of combat. 
  • The second Arachnarok Spider with Shaman allowed 2 fanatics to be thrown through it in an attempt to damage the Fiend. Taking no wounds on itself, but causing 2 to the fiend, it was a gamble that paid off, but one that many thought was too risky to attempt in the first place. 
  • Giants.. I really need to use them better as by themselves they are not so good.. this was supposed to be a combo charge, but I had pulled that back when I was informed that I would have to maximize my base contact if I had charged with the Night Goblin unit, but that would have put me on a wall, and removed my steadfast. So my opponent allowed me to take the NG move back, but it was only sporting that I kept the giant there. He died very quickly, but then fell on top of the bloodletters killing 5 in the fall. 
  • My Night Goblins still lost the combat against the Bloodletters, and outran them in the chase. The following turn they continued their charge, and I still outran them and stayed on the board with 1mm worth of space left!!! We were both very surprised by this action!!!
Final score in the end though was 1 dead fiend, and the 5 flamers dead, to my Giant and Arachnarok Spider. So he had the victory in this game. 

Photos of the game below:

The Garden of Morr was not just impassable, but spread out to take up so much space. Really caused problems on this board.

I held the left flank nicely, but he had the right without any problems. Had those Flamers not stayed, that Spider would have caused a much larger problem to him as he would be running around behind his lines!

Second and third game will come in the next article.. as they were more interesting, and caused a bit of friction at times.. especially the third game.. 


  1. Sounds like a blast, loved the batrep!

  2. sounds like agreat time and a fun battle

  3. Man those big spiders look cool on the table!
    I'm still itching to make a goblin army. But I think I want some trolls for it.

  4. Thanks guys.. was a decent game indeed.
    @LF.. Big spiders were a great addition to these games, and I too would like to include more trolls.. just didn't have the points in this list for them.


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