Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Savage Orc on Boar

More quick shots of models that played in the mega game over the past weekend..

This time it is a Savage Orc on Boar. I will probably be using him as a Shaman in the future just so that I can have an Orc Shaman in my lists.


  1. Nice woad on the orc version of heavy cavalry!

  2. Thanks mate.. after painting it I want to get more.. but after seeing how well they performed over the weekend, I think it is best to invest in other groups..

  3. Blue makes a nice accent on orcs. I like the nearly-black tones in the boar fur too

    1. Agreed.. just works so nicely blue on green.. the boar fur I took hints from youtube channel.. all done with the airbrush, and then slightly inkned afterwards. I really want to do more now cause it takes no time at all to paint them..


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