Friday, April 13, 2012

Project Night Goblin: Scibor Uglyn Lovelord

Ok first off.. just want to say that the images might not be the best for work... so the warning of NSFW come into effect here..

Second.. whenever buying a model off of eBay, check the painted version, if it exists, from the original company that sells it. Else you might be a bit surprised..

So.. that being said.. onto the model itself.. This is the Scibor model Uglyn Lovelord. A fairly large model ( larger than I was expecting actually ) to supplement his Goblin range I assume. Though what was running through his head while sculpting this, I really do not know. What he was using as inspiration for it as well, again, I really do not know, nor want to know! Basically it is a transvestite Goblin leader with a snotling gimp by his/her side. I am not sure what kind of models they have over in Poland(?) that strut around in these kind of bikinis.. but I think I might be skipping vacationing there in the Summer.. Spring/Fall/Winter.. :)

To be honest.. it was quite a lot of fun to paint, as I could play with both muted colors, and also had the chance to add in a bit of bright colors.

For skin, I am starting a new color recipe that I hope to use for my Ork army, and for the HobGoblins of my Chaos Dwarf project. It consists of 2 layers of green applied via Airbrush, both of a fairly dark nature. I quick hit of a very bright green is then laid down again with Airbrush, before I go to work on the skin with the regular brushes. On this guy, I mixed a bit of Vallejo Air Color Pale Green and Golden Yellow together for the final highlights. Washes with both the now older GW Thraka Green and Delvan were used to join the greens together, and provide some shading. In the end, the skin comes out darker than I would have done even a year ago, but gives a more natural, if you can call it that, look to the skin of these models.

Fur cloak bit was all with Vallejo Game Colors. Starting with Tierra Earth, then Khaki, and finally Bone White. Only first layer was applied to give maximum coverage, the rest were just drybrushed on. The texture on it was enough to pull it off.

For the bikini, it was done in Blue to match the rest of my Night Goblin force. Ok so s/he doesn't really fit in to begin with, but still the coloring helps at least to keep the theme going. I did not go as bright as I did with the Fanatics as done recently, but still went bright enough. VGC Ultramarine Blue, Enchanted Blue, and then Ice Blue with some mixing inbetween to make it blend better. There is also a wash of the GW Asuraman Blue after the first Enchanted blue layer.

For the male parts of the model.. honestly.. I tried to make it more subtle, and not as prominent as Scibor had painted his. Did not want it to be THE part that you looked at and based the entire model off of. But that being said, it is still visible, and well.. kind of hard to hide to be honest. Look below ( pun intended ) and see for yourself.

Gimp is just as described above, but mask was black base, with a VAC Black Grey applied, and then washed with Vallejo Black Wash.

Still with me? Have you read everything above? The above text was to make sure that you didn't open the page and instantly see the photos.. and at least could get the warning above..

So what will I use this as? Currently in the big game at MetuCon, it will be a Unit Filler for a larger Horde of Night Goblins, but in other games, I can see it being a Troll as I was able to fit it on a 40mm base. Also gives me another troll, and nothing is wrong with that :) It might also be used in the future as a Skarsnik model stand in, though the base is not large enough ( should be 40x60mm I think ) but still.. could work.. either way, I am sure it will bring up some discussions at the very least. 


  1. The photo shows up in the blogroll, but that model definitely isn't for everyone. NARDS! Good paintjob though.

    1. Mmm didn't think that out too well then :) But yes, NARDS indeed.

  2. Great model and a great set of crackers!

  3. wow so thats what a goblins todger looks like!


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