Friday, April 1, 2011

Deamons of Chaos

Deamons of Chaos.. one of my favorite armies!

I know it got a lot of bad press back in 7th edition, and from what I hear it is still not completely broken in 8th edition. That being said, I still love this army. For the ability to play so many different styles while still staying true to one army book.

As it stands these days it is my main gaming army for both fantasy and 40k, when the chance to play occurs. I have the most models painted in this section, with many many more boxes waiting to be put together and painted. Including a few hundred resin bases to paint up and rebase the entire force.

The other biggest thing about Deamons of Chaos is the ability for conversions! Usage of many different companies models ( such as the Ultraforge more shown above ), and being able to scratch build models with minimal effort, but great effect. 

For models, currently the collection consists of 20 bloodletters, 10 more beastmen converted to bloodletters from long ago, 20 plaguebearers converted from crypt ghouls and zombies. On top of these, I have converted/sculpted 20 Horrors ( fairly simple but good enough for gaming ), and 6 flamers made from left over bits. Plus other units of not so much note.

For characters I have several. Ranging from 3 Heralds of Tzeentch on discs ( converted from crypt ghouls ), 1 Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot ( converted from Corpse Cart ), 1 Herald of Khorne, both on or off Juggernaut, and a sculpted Herald of Nurgle on Palaquin. For greater deamons, again I have plenty. Bloodthirsters, Great Unclean ones, and Keeper of Secrets/Lord of Change depending on the needs in the game. 

Things to come are mass core troops. As required with 8th edition. Plan is to expand up to 90 of each of the core troops, and then to bulk up the special and rares. Currently a lot of this has been bought through trades, but still waiting on finishing some of it before I begin on some of the bigger units ( like 6-12 bloodcrushers ).

Expect more photos and updates on this army in the future.

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