Monday, April 4, 2011

Gaming Weekend

With the weekend past, and the hangover settling in nicely, I can safely say that was probably one of the best gaming weekends I have had in a long time. A friend from another city popped on up originally for a concert, however since it was cancelled and his plane ticket already paid for, we turned the weekend into a gaming weekend instead.

So we started the weekend off with a ride to the gaming club for introductions and some quick games of Infinity to remind ourselves of the rules. Was good to get to grips with the game once more, and to also win the first round with some lucky dice rolls on my side, and some poor ones with my opponent. Of course the same can be said in reverse for the second game.

From here I moved onto a game of Napoleon with the Black Powder ruleset. Major change in the rules that we have to make for our games is the reduction of all ranges to be 1/3rd of the original. Made the game a lot more interesting and tactically flexible. Instead of moving 12" per order we moved 4" instead. No 24" shooting range, but instead we did 8". Was a lot more fun to see everyone lined up trying to shoot the other until there was room for proper charges.

It was after all this fun at the club that we moved back to the house, and got stuck in with rule testing for our home brewed game, It Came from Berlin. A WW2 remake ( cause who doesn't like WW2 games? ) but with Zombies ( cause we all know Zombies make games better!! ). The biggest switch up in our game is that it is not an even fight. Not even trying to make it look that way. The game plays fast ( though takes forever ) and the decisions to be made come quick and direct as there are not many options when faced with an apocalypse of Zombies. Fine tuning of the rules changed the game in some significant manners.

First run showed that the zombies owned the Heroes within 10 turns, with them not making it past the first corner of the board. Second run showed the Heroes controlling the board and getting to the objectives in 15-20 turns.

It was at the third run that we found a bit more of the magic of the game. With some re-spawn points for the Zombies, the Heroes did not have it as easy. We made the re-spawns random, however for some reason my rolls for their placements always made them appear just in front of the heroes, or behind them causing more fear and panic in the Heroes.

On the Sunday we stayed in for the most part and had more friends showing up for gaming. Starting with It Came from Berlin again, to get more interest and see other players point of view with it. We again modified it, or thought up some more rules for it, but in the end the Heroes died as they activated too many houses at once, and the re-spawns occured right behind them. Trapping the poor Heroes in the middle of the street with little ammo, no bandages, and no high ground to escape to.

From here we moved to multiple games of Infinity. Nice 2 vs 2 games of starter packs ( roughly 250 pts a side ). Great starter games again to get used to the core rules ( since we are only using Starter boxes ) and also to see the effecitveness of things like combined orders, open gaming boards, and mass buildings.

Ovearall a great weekend of gaming though, and although I am a bit tired from a weekend of standing around, throwing dice and moving toy soldiers, it was a great weekend and one I hope to repeat more in the future as the table project gets closer to completion.

Until then, enjoy the photos, and wait for the next update of gaming experience.

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  1. was really a good gaming weekend mate. i am really pleased to see that our zombie game worked and i look fwd to playing it again and tweaking it a little bit more.


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