Friday, April 1, 2011

Creation of a gaming table

I think there is a time in every gamers life that they want to have a dedicated gaming space. Somewhere that they can just let their true inner geek run wild with no fear of what others think. 

I have finally gotten to that point it seems. Not afraid to say it either, but yes I think I have gotten to that point. After years of gaming in stores, clubs, friends houses, carpets and makeshift tables.. I have finally moved on to the point of creating my own gaming room, complete with dedicated gaming table.

Here I will have the ability to not just play games with friends, and look at how my newly painted models look on the table, but also I have make a truely magnificant mess of the room with all the comings and goings of projects everywhere. Without having to worry about cleaning up because company is coming over, or cause of my son might be playing around there. No this room is fully dedicated to all things geek, and it is definitely a turning point in my gaming life.

So what are the plans for this room?

Thus far I have had a carpenter build me a table to hold games on, to work on larger projects with, and when the time allows for my wife to build puzzles on with little concern of losing pieces from cats or stray children.

Expansion plans include shelving units to hold terrain for the table itself, and cubboards for the hordes of boxed models that plague the outskirts of my room currently of projects long since forgotten.

For work that I myself can do, I have started on the creation of several city buildings. Rubbled, and destroyed from wars past, that will work for both Warhammer 40k and also Infinity ( though I have been told that it sides better with Infinity than 40k currently ).

Once I have a nice standing of urban terrain, then I will redouble my focus on fantasy terrain and table settings. Making them themed to my armies to help inspire more fear in my opponents as they are playing on my turf.

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