Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Karargah Tournament: 2500 Fantasy

So.. yeah.. I do it again.. I went to another tournament but from my old club at the behest of one of the older members, and to be honest.. am very glad that I did!

Tournament was a typical 3 rounds of 2500 pts. This was NOT a Tusot tournament like Game 1, Game 2, or Game 3, which was a big selling point to show up to it. There were both proper painting scores and sportsmenship scores this time around.

Goal for me this time was to score bit in the painting and sportsmenship, and if I won a game then I would be happy also.. but it was not likely ;)

So for the tournament, I took my Night Goblins. I like my Night Goblins cause they really have a chance to go either way, and allow for a lot of fun! Plus I get to use the double Ararchnarok Spiders, and that is always fun in and unto itself!

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to do detailed reporting or shots throughout the game. The other big difference in this tournament was the timing of turns that each player used, to ensure that no one was taking more time than the other. At first glance it was weird to see this, but honestly, as playing along with it we were able to better figure out what turn we were on. But with it, it did not leave enough time to take proper notes or photos per turn.

First opponent was against a guy named Can, playing Dwarfs! To be honest.. I was not the most overjoyed to play this, as I know how well Night Goblins do against Dwarfs!

Match was Battle for the Pass, and the Dwarfs did what Dwarfs do best.. castle! So onwards I came towards the Dwarfs.

Highlights of the game were seeing the 2 Ararchnarok Spiders running down the flanks of the table, taking full on shots from 2 cannons, 2 organ cannons, and a grudge thrower. It was like gladiator gauntlet for them.. but the gladiators won :( Suffice it to say, that by turn 3 both spiders had bite the dust. But my main battle line was OK.

My unit of Squig herders slammed into his warriors with great weapons, and caused 18 wounds in the first round. The warriors did not stand a chance, and even with a re-roll on their LD roll, they still broke and ran! Allowing the Squig herders got to go up against the Anvil with bodyguards.. but that fight never finished in time :(

All 3 main blocks of 50 Night Goblins hit his main unit of Hammers and BSB, and there they stayed until the end of the game. He had both his BSB and 1 Hammer left!!! The last fight of combat was the difference between a win and a lose.. and unfortunately I lost.. by a total of 179 points! No problems though cause the game was tight right up to the end, and was great fun! Truly enjoyed it..

Second game was up against Mesut.. long time opponent at tournaments.. and usually the grand winner also.. to which this tournament was no exception ;) What was funny was that he was playing with his Vampire Counts army, which was the one that I sold him prior to the new VC book coming out and it was fun to play against the models that I had painted at one time or another before selling to him.

Not the best game for me, as it was Battleline, and he castled up in one corner.. which sucked for me as I was too spread out to do anything impact full.

Things that went horribly wrong was the Arachnarok Spiders up against his Black Knights and Mounted Vampire. Partnered up with another, but once the black knights were boosted after losing half of them, I knew that fight was a wash.

Other highlights were when one of my units was in combat against the Black Coach, and after the first round, I Combat Resolutioned him out of the game! But not before my Great Shaman was torn up from him :(

In the end, I lost almost every single model on the table.. except for 1 Spider Rider who ran off and hid behind a hill! Though the blowing up of the Squig herd did finally kill the Black Knights after whittling them down in close combat!

End result was a massacre victory for the Vampire Counts! Not the best results so far, but again was not like pulling teeth through the game so that is an upside, oh and I had fun too ;)

Last game was against Bretonnians, and against someone whom I have not seen, heard or met before.. so complete win there!

Last time I played against Bretonnians was in Izmir Tournament in 2010, and it was a very angry game what with the Knights running around like race cars.. this.. was nothing like it..

Alper ( my opponent ) decided that since we were doing Meeting Engagement, ti would be better to sit back and wait for the right time to strike! Problem with that is Fanatics and tight space are the perfect breeding grounds for mass destruction!

Oh, and having one of my Ararchnaroks get stuck in traffic so had to come in on my first turn from reserves, and just so happen to end up facing his Pegasus Knights, and Knight units from the flank! And when he forgot to move them, and then failing a terror test, and then getting run down on the Pegasus Knights, and then slammed into the flank of another unit.. bad start for the Bretonnians.

His lord would soon destroy one spider, and the other would be beaten in combat against his Men at Arms to really horrible LD checks, even with my General and BSB nearby!

However that would be the upside for him, as my squig herd would slam into his center battle line, taking out archers, his mounted damsel, and a knight unit before turning on his 2 catapults Most of his units would lose combat due to static resolution from my side, and be chased down by screaming night goblins!

We ended up finishing the game on turn 4 with my opponent having 1 knight unit left, and his catapults under threat from the murderous squig herd! So we called it a massacre win for me due to my only losing the 2 giant spiders at that time, and he having nothing to really threaten me any further.

Honestly, it was a great game, and in the end I had a blast. Final results came through, and I landed in at 6th place out of 10th.. which was better than 8/9th place that I was in before the final game.

However the biggest highlight for me was that I scored the full 40 points for painting, and even scored full 6 pts for sportsmentship! A long deviation to what those Tusot guys thought of me ;) There were a few others that scored the same for painting/sportsmenship, but not sure if both at the same time. But I will take it as a major victory for me, as I got what I wanted to achieve and had a blast while doing it!

And a few more shots of Alper and Me while Can ( my first opponent ) attempted to take out photo..

Just hit the damn screen to take a photo.. 

Seriously.. what is wrong.. it is quite simple.. press the screen.. 
Not sure when I will get a chance to play another one due to work, but hope it is not too long from now!


  1. Excellent batrep and glad you had a good time and a better finish, nice one sir!

  2. so in the end, you admitted that you won't be winning anything and now you are after the best sportsman title, eh?

    well, i saw it way before you mate. That title belongs to me you know ;)

    nice to hear that you had a nice weekend.

  3. sounds like it was a good tournament!


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