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MetuCon 40k Tusot Tournament - Game 1

Ok.. so after having a blast on Saturday playing against BuRock and his Dwarfs.. on wards to the 40k tournament on Sunday..

I have to start off with saying.. it has been a long time since I have played 40k.. and it is pretty obvious that my blog has been pretty fantasy intensive since it started.. so I was looking to get into the other side of the gaming community, and see how the 40k side was doing. I had heard many things, and chatted with one of the clubbers about their new rule system called Tusot.. which was to be THE premier gaming rules to help promote the hobby and gaming of 40k further.. From the outset, this sounds great.. however I have to say that it took a bit of back and forth communication to better understand some of their rules, as everything is in Turkish, and Google translator was having quite the hard time to work it back into English.

So with my tablet filled with my army list, Tusot rules ( translated as best as they can be ), FAQ, my rule books, and my fully painted army.. I set off once more to MetuCon and join the others for a day filled with dice rolling, and death.

I take with me my Daemons of Chaos.. probably the hardest, and worst army to take to a tournament setting, but one that is so random whats not to love about them? Plus considering that I was coming to see how the tournament scene had changed, and after having a bad experience at IzmirCon, I was going for a more casual experience.

Casual stopped as soon as the organization begin.. I had been forewarned that it might be a bit overly Turkish in the language, but that people would be there to help when I didn't understand. I have lived in Turkey quite a while, but I am pretty slow with languages. Always been a numbers guy. That said, I can get around Turkey, and deal with people fine enough. So long as they are not govt officials, or wanting that deep of a conversation. Unfortunately.. the refs here wanted a deep understanding of Turkish... thankfully there were many friendly guys at the tournament that helped out where they could. I will point out, that at one point I tried to dive fully in, and speak Turkish back, but this was halted and I was told just speak English.. we can understand you, and will respond in Turkish. Um yay?

So whatever.. off we go and begin.. the refs begin their rounds to check who has painted armies, who brought what etc.. and BAM.. I get a warning.. I heard about these.. and if you get 3 you automatically lose a game.. ok.. so whats the warning about? No hard copy of the FAQ.. a soft copy on the tablet is not sufficient enough.. no leeway or budging by the ref, who scuttles off to mark down my first warning.. later I would see that more than half of the participants got this.. whats funny.. none of the rules in the FAQ were being used by my army.. And so we begin with a not impressive start to this tournament..

On wards to the first game though, and more importantly.. PICTURES!!!!

First up.. Dark Eldar! Never played against them before in the new codex, so I knew I was going to be plenty surprised. And oh how I was surprised! Everything was in raiders, or on bikes or on something that was neither bike or raider or was a jet fighter plane.. COOL! Jet Fighter planes.. in 40k!

And so we start..

Turn 1 -
Pretty uneventful for my opponent, as he got first turn, and then proceeded to move his transports around a bit. Since nothing of my army was on the board yet ( Daemons special deployment rules whereby everything is deep striked onto the board ). So he set himself up to get in a good position to take on any threats he had coming at him.

For the Daemons, I had rolled the side I wanted, and brought in my 2 Bloodthirsters, 10 Plaguebearers, and 3 Flamers. Only 1 Bloodthirster suffered a deep strike mishap for landing on his raider, but I rolled a 3.. meaning my opponent could place it where ever he liked.. and he placed her right in the open ready to be gunned down for crimes against Dark Eldar kind!

The Flamers had landed in a great spot and allowed me to use their Breath of Chaos against his bikers. With a 4+ to wound, and negate cover AND armor saves.. suffice it to say, they were pretty screwed. None survived that salvo of shots.

The Plaguebearers ran to hide in a building, near an objective, and the Bloodthirster sat around. Not much use from them I am afraid.

Daemons seem to be setting up for some decent charges, and holding of the objective.

Turn 2..
With the loss of his Bikers, my opponent was looking for revenge! So with some quick moves, of his vehicles, and staying within 12 inches of movement, he set up what can only be described as a firing squad position against both the Bloodthirsters, and my now infamous flamers!

Most of the vehicles had units of 10 guys each, who when within 12 inches, could rapid fire ( so shoot twice ) and had poison shots! So my high toughness was not going to save me here like normal, and each Bloodthirster took on average 30-40 shots before dying. Even with my 3+ normal, and 4++ invul saves, I could not compete with the pure volume of fire coming at me.

For the flamers he took a more personal approach to them. Since they had done so much damage to his bikes already. He shot at them, they stayed, he dismounted, and shot at them more, and they stayed.. so he assaulted them.. well.. flamers are not the best in close combat.. so staying any longer was not an option, and they were wiped out.

A good first half for the Dark Elf player, a poor showing for the Daemons. I would also be seeing, but not playing properly yet, that they are fast enough to react to coming from any side. But that doesn't mean I didn't keep this strategy up.

With the reserves coming in, I got a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, and the other 3 man Flamer unit. Flamers landed behind his transports in a good position to hurt them, and the Prince was moved slightly away, and closer to his CC unit.

Flamers this time around did not have as good of a luck however, and only managed to take out 1 of the dark lances from a raider and no other positive results.

Slightly blurry, but it was cause I had just lost 3 of my 8 units in the first "real" turn of the game.. 

Turn 3..
Well with how scary the Flamers are, he begins to move all of his vehicles at insane speeds, be it away or to get a better shot at them. He also surrounded my Daemon Prince, and decided it was better to shoot at it, then to engage it in close combat.. I would have to say this was a good strategy, as his shooting phase saw both of my units get ripped apart quite nicely. Only the plagebearers were left at this point.

The second Daemon Prince of Nurgle appears, and I finally begin to learn my lesson. So attempt to bunker him behind the building with the Plaguebearers. Horrors are still MIA.. and no real actions take place, aside from moving deeper into the building, and waiting for the Dark Eldar to approach.

I am learning at this point that Daemons and Dark Eldar are a bad match up! Dark Eldar are very quick to re-position themselves, whereas Daemons need more bodies to hold against them. Something to think about in the future.. or to buy a Dark Eldar army as they have some really cool models!

No shame in hiding.. especially when everything has poison, and the Lord of Disease apparently can still get the flu!
Turn 4..

The Dark Eldar player begins to re-maneuver his transports and fighter plane so that he can deal with the bunker being set up.

My response, is to finally bring in my last unit! My pink horrors land, again in a perfect spot, and begin to attempt to open up on the transports. They begin by opening up on the fighter plane, and causing it to be shaken. Meaning it can still move, but not shoot. Hopefully it would be enough.

The rest of my forces decide enough is enough, and attempt to charge his units! However due to the sheer distance that everything has moved, I am needing 6s to hit, and well.. I cannot say that this is really happening too much.

So what was really my last turn, everything fluffed, and I prepared to take the onslaught of shots from his transports once more!

Action happens from the Daemons side! Yay!
Turn 5..
Now with everything out in the open, and all units on the board, the Dark Eldar player had the opportunity to take out everything.

Opening up on the horrors as they seem to be the only threat at this time, they die to a hail of shots from multiple sources, and whatever was left was then picked out in close combat.

The Prince of Nurgle also was shot up after everything moved away from it.

Plaguebearers survived what little shots had come its way, but it was just time now for them to die.

Plaguebearers refuse to die.. for now.. 

Turn 6..
So not much to show here.. end result is the Plaguebeares having to survive almost 100+ shots from the entire army.. well.. let's just say that wasn't happening here ;)

Great game though.. although I lost everything and only killed 1 unit in return. I knew going in with all the transports this was going to be difficult, but the ability for some of them to move 36 inches, was just too much for me.. my strategy of being able to come in from different sides, and trying to split his fire almost worked.. but I underestimated how much fire he had to deal out :)

My opponent was great throughout the game, I don't think we had any major disagreements, and it flowed through very quickly.

I have to shout out apologies to him though.. he had asked if I wanted to go and grab a bite to eat afterwards, but I had thought we didn't have much time before second game started so declined. As it turned out.. we had almost an hour :( Had I known it would have been better to have lunch with him than eating alone 10-15 minutes before the second game started. Should have asked questions I guess..

Next game.. against Blood Angels! An army that Daemons can actually do stuff to.. sometimes ;)


  1. A good read Mr.Lee, let's hope for better luck against the Blood Angels, it's been a long time since I played WH40K.

    1. Thanks.. and it has been almost forever since I played 40k also.. so it was a good intro back into it..

  2. You had quite the handicap! Not well familiar with the rules or the language.
    Very odd they dock for not having a hard copy of the rules.. someone has stock in a paper company or what? You have the rules, what does the format matter?

    Never understood why demons would be vulnerable to poison... doesn't seem right somehow. For game balance I guess, just conceptually it's weird. That's a nice building in the center.

    1. Indeed.. it was a very interesting and many commented on that point. As I had offered to share the tablet also and download others PDFs if required, but no such luck.

      Next game is more interesting.. trust me.. :)


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