Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: Daemonettes

So the first real unit completed for the new Daemons of Chaos army project.

This unit was one that I picked up from BuRock after he got it from a huge eBay lot. Thankfully he was quite nice to me and gave them to for quite cheap.

Most people really do not like these models due to the claws and such, however I think that they beautiful models. So full of character, and different from many of the sculpts past and since.

As far as the color scheme went, I tried for a darker skin tone, and golden armor. The thought being that they have a good Egypt theme/look to them. I think the color scheme came out nicely with them though, and the pink on the claws were a lot of fun and again I think they came out good. Really becomes the central point of focus on them also, as they should be.

The bases also really come together now also, which I was scared cause individually they do not look great, but together they look great.

I have another 60 of the new plastic ones to do up now, but I am not sure how the coloring will be, but I suspect that the claws will be the same coloring also. Same with the armor, however the skin will probably come out a bit lighter. They are on the table at the moment, and just waiting to get some paint.

So now some more photos of the unit itself..


  1. Never much cared for this version of the deamonettes- I remember when these sculpts came out, it seemed to be a phase where GW was trying to be more 'kid friendly' ie: less sex, more violence ;) but you've done a good job on them. fun to have such a pretty pink on them :) and I like the solid eyes, makes them very creepy

  2. CRAB CLAW! These look great, guess there's still some mileage in the old minis.

  3. Thanks guys.. honestly I love this unit or models.. in moderation of course ;)

    So much character, and a ton of fun to paint! They are my only ones though, and the rest to be painted are the new plastics.. to be shown soon enough!


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