Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting during Travel

Ok so this week I am in Basingstoke for work. Although I am here for work, it doesn't mean that I can't get some painting done while here :)

So with that I packed up 20 Daemonettes, the paints, and brushes needed to get this done. Now the question was of course, how do I get these models to and from Basingstoke? In comes the Infinity Travel Model Case. If anything, this new thought of use of it has actually changed my opinion of the case, and I am more happy that I have it now than before.

Now of course the original purpose of said case was of course to transport Infinity models, however this will probably its main purpose for the coming weeks. Surprisingly, it holds quite a bit of modeling stuff, and is sturdy enough to keep everything safe.

Below is a quick shot of the desk at the hotel where I am attempting to do some painting in between workshops.

Inside the Infinity Carrying case

Paints! They survived and none spilled.. not even the super glue!

20 Airbrush primed Daemonettes.. 

Fully set up and ready to paint!

Poor showing of the work done.. but its also showing the level of light I had after the sun went down.. 

Skin finished.. hope to get the armors finished, and maybe the claws started next.. 
So it was interesting to see how this played out. I was able to get the 3 layers of skin done though. Ogryn wash, then Tan, then Tan/Elf Flesh highlights. Next up is the armor. So Brass Bronze, Devlan Mud, and then Gold highlights. If I am lucky, I might even get the claws started as well! But no guarantees on that though..


  1. Good set up, better than staring at the TV for hours!

  2. The best part is imagining the maids reaction to a desk filled with tiny, scantily-clad monster ladies. lol

  3. Heh.. Chris.. that is indeed a thought, but I had another.. OOO.. one of hte kids left their toys out! And then she begins to dump them into a bin or something.. so I packed them all back up after working on them, and hide them in a drawer.. to be brought out again tonight! Due to the few pieces, it takes but 2 minutes to pack, and unpack the whole bunch thankfully!

  4. Great idea. Only thing I would be worried is the lighting since hotel rooms often only have ceiling lamp. But it seems you found a way to work around or even solve this problem.

  5. Looks like a good set up, as long as you don't suddenly realize you need another color, though I guess that isn't hard to find in UK ;)


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