Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blast from the Past: Daemon Prince

Seeing as how I will be posting a lot of my Daemons over the coming weeks/months.. I thought it might be a good kick off to show one of the first real complex conversion jobs I had done almost 10 yrs ago now also..

This was my deamon prince for my Chaos Space Marine army. Not sure what the load out was on him, but he was pretty loaded up to be a beast in close combat.. 2 hand weapons, extra talons, wings.. he got to where he needed to be in a hurry, and did what was required..

He was also painted up to reflect his devotion to Slannesh. Back in those days I was pretty obsessed with Slannesh, mostly due to its ability to grant immune to psychology, which was/is always an area I suffer the most in games. By removing that, I removed a lot of pain in playing, and thus could focus more on just running forward, shooting things until close combat happened.

The list of parts are:
  • Keeper of secrets body
  • Extra keeper of secrets sword
  • Carnifex talons
  • Azazel's Head ( special deamon character back then )
  • Blood Thrister wings
  • Wood dowel for the base
  • Baking clay for the wood texture and to fill in the gaps ( I was unaware of Green Stuff back then )
There is a huge pin in his foot and the doweling. And by huge I mean quite long that almost goes to the knee in the model itself, and goes almost to the base for the tree stump. 

The reason for the stump was to help counter-balance the weight of the model. This is due to it being pure metal. No plastics were used for such models back in the day. 

As far as painting goes.. this was also my best painting job back then also. I look at it now, and think could I do better now? Probably.. but do I want to risk it? Probably not.. 

I won't be updating the base to fit in with my new army style for Deamons, as this is more a showpiece to me than a gaming piece these days. A legacy of times long past and one to show me how far I have come in some areas. 

Hope you enjoy it.. more pictures below.. 


  1. Not exactly a beautiful face but a beautiful job Mr'Lee!

    1. Thanks! Was a lot of fun back then to paint up also!

  2. Fun conversion and nice pose, like he'll be diving down on the enemy


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