Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diablo 3: First Impressions

Ok, so yesterday I talked about the Daemonettes getting finished over the weekend.. well I have to say that it took a lot of will power to get them done, as the previous week I had picked up Diablo 3. Unless your not a PC Gamer, then you should know what this game is about.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings of the game myself actually. When I played it last it was when I bought my first house back in 2001, and my roommate fell victim to it by playing it for days straight.. not hours.. but literally days. To the point that he lost his job. Ouch. I was a bit obsessed with it also, but not to that extent, as I had "real life" issues to deal with at the time. House, mortgage, car payments, job, girlfriend.. etc.. But I still could sink quite a few hours into it from time to time.

So, when I heard that Diablo 3 was coming back, I had mixed feelings on it, you can be sure of that. ON the one hand, it is a part of my "history of gaming" so to speak. Meaning that it was a game that I grew up on, and is a core of the games that I enjoy to play.

That said, it is also a game that I know if not monitored correctly could consume my soul, and take everything along with it. This is a reality in the world of video games these days. They are either quick in-between activities games or life consuming games. This being the latter of the 2.

SO what happened when I installed it over the weekend? Well initially I was super exicted! I mean.. its Diablo 3!!! And as I began to install it, and install it, and continue to install it, the excitement waned. I mean, the game took a good hour plus to install on my, what I can only guess, ancient computer. After installation, and then updates of my now 4 yr old graphics card, and creating a new battlenet account I was ready to play.. wasen't I? No.. seems that there are issues with the login servers once I had everything installed, so it would have to wait anouther couple hours ( 4 to be exact ) in order to play.

Once in though, yeah.. the game came back in a flooding horror of arthitis to the hand controlling the mouse. The series of super clicks, and in rapid succession to each other was enough to make this battle hardened painter give pause. I mean the story seems to be quite good, and my Barbarian seems to be legit enough to take on the terrors or New Tristam with relative ease, but can I?

So after only 30 minutes of game play, I give it a rest, and go back to painting to contemplate my actions to be taken.

I mean, I stand on a precipice of decision making now. Do I sink hours upon hours on this game, potentially ruining my painting hand with a series of mouse clicks just to get virtual acculades? Or do I keep to a regime of short sessions. Beating out 1 or 2 quests at a time ( if that really in some cases.. talking to you Mr Skeleton King! ).. so as to save my hand so that it is not hurting so much as it would after a 6-8 hr painting session? Or do I say damn it all, and play like I own a pair?

Well, with work having it's way with me like a paid escort, it can be seen that for the foreseeable future I won't be playing it too much. Due to my computer laptop not having the specs to run it, nor the ability to always be connected to the internet to be able to play it either. So with that, my joy of painting on the road will continue for the time being, but I fear for when I get home, and see if the lure of Diablo is stronger than I realized at the time of this post.

Till then..

What my barbarian does when he is bored.. spins and kills.. 


  1. The online gaming does put a dent in the painting I must admit....84,000 kills on MW3 shows this!

    1. Indeed.. but am playing the solo part, which still requires online play? Also what is MW3? And do I really want to know ;)

  2. My son plays this game and he moved out a few months ago. After reading this post I miss him all over again.


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