Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terrain: Hills

Although the mega game is over, I thought I should show off a piece of terrain that I hastily built literally days before leaving for Ankara.

After having a discussion with my opponent BuRock about the set up, it was decided that we would play on a 8x6 foot table. Giving our armies much room to move and perform something that might resemble tactics.

That being said, we noticed that we have a distinct lack of hills to help BLOS in such a large area. I have some but they are mostly for my shelves to display my armies on. Plus, 1 or more sides are not touched, and are of that poor white styrofoam quality, so they break up very quickly.

So.. with the mentality of needing hills, and having the push of the mega game quickly approaching, I set to work on building 2 hills of 2 layers each. To give cover to infantry, and larger models depending on the direction you look at them from.

Initially I just cut up some dense yellow insulation foam into squares, and then carved them into a more round or oval like shape. I then began to slowly carve away the sides.. which was taking forever, and I thought that there had to be a faster way to give it a rocky or rough look.

Then it hit me! I had seen a video on YouTube a while back of a guy in Australia going by the name of RubbishInRubbishOut ( check out his YouTube feed also ) who had a really quick, and dirty, method of creating a rough edge on hills..

So taking his lead, I set to work to create 2 hills. I only borrowed this process, as he then went on to paint them and the board itself with an industrial spray painter for buildings or rooms. I don't have one of those, so I pulled out some old tubes of paint, and found a brown that looked good. A real dark chocolate color that could be good for a base, and allow me to easily drybrush over it afterwards.

To which I did :)

The only difference I did to mine over his, was to add some of my favorite texturing material, Vallejo Black Lava, to a section. This was then painted in layers of grey to represent rock instead of just a muddy hill like the rest. I really need to invest in the other brands.. I know I keep saying this, but it has to be done now. No excuses on my part.. ok, maybe a few.. but still..

End result can be seen below.. I attempted to add some flock to the top of them also, to tie them more into the GW Battle Mat.

Hope you liked them.. and hopefully I will have more to show in time with some variations in them to represent other types of hills like temple of skulls or scree slope.


  1. Those are a lot nicer than my show bought stuff!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Fran.. and to think they took next to nothing to make.. can probably make more now within 30 minutes each.. start to finish.. if I need them :D


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