Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: MORE Daemonettes

Seriously.. what is up with this.. I must be on fire or something ;)

So, with yet another week of travel for work behind me, this is the outcome of that week. Took a bit longer as I have the painted resin bases sitting at home instead of with me during the travels. After affixing them to their bases, I was able to give it a go and take their photo.

This now brings me up to 60 Daemonettes painted up and on their proper bases. 10 more are finished from long ago, but need to be transferred to the newer bases, and 30 are yet to be painted up. 10 are primed at the very least, but the other 20 are still sitting in their box from my last trip where I had bought them! Yes, I had bought more daemonettes before the rest were already finished! Mostly due to the fact that I am wanted to have 100 of them, along with the rest of the core units, for this army. Anything less and it just doesn't amount to much, now does it?

So more photos.. tried new hair colors from the new Shades from GW.. not fully convinced on them, but they add more diversity to the unit, so that is a good thing for me! I would like to take a shot of all 60 at once, however my photo box can't hold that many models at once! Will have to align them on the table and wait for some good weather to take a shot of them.


  1. Looking really good so far I'm not familiar with Warhammer, but do the Daemonettes mix with the Warriors of Chaos army, or only with Demons?

    1. So far it is only for Daemons. Though in the FW book there is chances to mix and match between the different chaos races.

  2. Barbie gone bad. 60? not to run in one big unit though?

  3. Most probably they will run in 30s or 25s.. but I intend to make 50 man movement trays, and make it so that they can be combined into a 100 man movement tray! For those insane times when 10k+ point games occur ;)

  4. I envy your painting output... If I had this power my skaven army would be finished in no time.
    I like your lava bases, think of using your method if I really start a chaos dwarf army.


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