Monday, May 21, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: Plaguebearers

Quick update on a Monday.. more Plaguebearers!

As you can see a quick update. Just 4 identical Plaguebearers from GW.

Bit of a difference in the painting from the blights of previous. I used the new GW Glaze on them. Originally they were washed with the Thraka Green wash, however once all the other colors were applied, I then did a glaze over them to tie the colors in. It brought the brightness out more, which was good, but they came out more slimer like. Not sure if I am completely happy with that, but they look good so.. also they provide a bit more contrast or change in the unit, so its not so consistent.

Threw them with the other 6 to see how they rank up.. the GW ones are much larger than the Heresy Blights. This is for sure, but at the same time, it is OK.

More pictures below:

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  1. They mix well and damn good green work on those Mr.Lee!


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