Friday, May 18, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: Daemonettes

Ok, so another quick one.. 10 more Daemonettes for the Daemons project.

I had some time the other weekend before the workshops to get these girls done up, and test out a few things. These were completed before the travel painting series was put up. The claws are using the same recipe as the previous OOP ones, and the skin is same also. Only real changes here are that I sprayed the feet black, and highlighted them also, and that these have hair.

For the hair, it was simply covering it in white, and then doing some GW washes. Namely blue, purple and red!  Once the 2 or 3 layers of washes dried, then I just covered the ends with white, either by blending, or for some, dryrbrushing! They came out well enough I think, and give the unit a bit more color than the normal Pink!

Armor is Brassy Bronze, Delvan Mud, Gold, and Sepia washed on it. Again quite simple.

More pictures below, and a mix up of them with their OOP brethren.


  1. wow that was fast!
    I like the different color hair,very fun! :)

  2. Great painting and very pink!!!

  3. Thanks guys.. glad that you like..
    @LF.. these are not the same ones that were done during last week's trip, but the testers before leaving. So I knew what colors I needed to take with me ;) The batch of 20 are getting done this weekend, and will be up shortly.

  4. That`s some very intense and vibrant pink, really love it


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