Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Broadside 2012 in Kent!

So it seems that the gents putting on the show for Broadside this year are in a bit of a pickle.. their advertisements in 2 major magazines never got published! And with only weeks before the big event it is a killer blow to their potential audience!

With that in mind, a call to arms has been raised to the blog-o-sphere community to help out as they can. So here be an advert ( first of its kind on Mr Lee's blog! ) to say if your in the Kent area on June 10th, then stop on by and give it a looksy!

The Postie's Rejects ( Angry Lurker, Ray and Big Lee ) will also be in attendance and doing up a WW1 demo as well! Am kinda sad that I will not be able to show up to it as it seems that it would be quite a game.. more so with the wisecracks between Fran and Ray! I can only see the blog battles, but can only think how it goes on in person!

So once more.. if your in the Kent area on June 10th, give them a visit, and drop on in. I mean its 3gbp! Skipp a buttery and coffee, and help the community out instead!


  1. Mice one Mr Lee!!!! Unfortunately your gonna miss me giving the Lurker a swift kick in the nads! I'll try and get a pic for you!

  2. Thanks guys.. would have loved to be there.. but will be heading to Belgium for work instead unfortunately :( Hopefully next year though..


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