Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: Daemonettes

Ok, so last week I showed the efforts of travel painting on 20 Daemonettes. I was unable to finalize them during the previous trip, but I did have some time over the weekend to get them finished.

The family left the house and headed over to the in-laws after a full day out together. This was mainly due to the painters having put on a first coat on every surface in our house ( minus the little one's room and the kitchen ). So to say the house smelled, would be an understatement.

However, that being said, I was not to be outdone by some paint fumes to stop me from getting some hobby time in. So with the family out of the house, and my painters mask on, I tackled the left overs from last week's efforts.

As you can see, they are more of the same, but 20 more done.. bringing the total of 40 Daemonettes now in the new color scheme, and on the new bases also! So happy.. this army seems to be taken hold now, and my motivation is rising on it. It is said that energy towards something comes from the feeling of accomplishment, and seeing actions taken. I think this is why so many larger projects either fail or require such an enormous amount of energy and pure will power to make work. Not sure which this will take yet, as it is quite large, but I am aiming for pure will on it.

Nothing special to state on it them though aside from glad to have another 20 done, and only 30 left on hand to get done of the existing plastics.

You can see more photos below, along with the original 20 mixed in to make a nice 40 man unit of them. 20 more are currently on the travel desk to get done.. so hopefully we will see them completed soon also.


  1. Thanks Fran... it is being a good set of models to be painting up. I am just about to finish 20 more on this week's travels.. this unit is starting to get fairly large!

  2. Quite the horde! Screams 80's to me, so very fun! I half expect to see them wearing gell-shoes :)


    Hmm... what I meant was, these look great and I really like their hair.

  4. I've never played anything Warhammer, but I love the chaos sculpts. I am thinking of painting up some Slaanesh just for fun.

    Thanks for sharing.


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