Monday, May 28, 2012

New Projects!

Why more new projects? Don't I have enough on the go at the moment? NAPs 15mm Austrians, Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, and whatever else might pop up for the Eldar and Dark Elf armies that were recently finished ( but we all know that an army is never really finished! ).

So when I was contacted a few weeks back if I would be interested in painting up some models for a new client, I of course jumped at the chance!

Why though? Why take on a new client when I have so many other things on the go at the moment? Because this time it is a project from the UK! Yes, that is correct, Mr Lee has gone international! Seems the post concerning me moving to UK prompted interest in my skills, and as such assistance has been asked for.

Last week I had a quick chat with Zzzzzz from Devos IV blog fame.. and his request is to paint up a ton of his Renegade IGs. Along with this, I will paint up some Necromunda gangs for him also. Will be quite a bit of fun actually as I have been wanting to test out the airbrush on IGs for a while now. My first attempts last year were decent, and that was with the older airbrush. I can only imagine how it will turn out with the new airbrush!

The first batch though will be the House Cawdor Necromunda gang. Not sure on the color scheme yet, but will look more into the history and fluff of them and see what I can do with them. Then decide with Zzzzzz on which pattern he wants to go with.

Biggest thing to keep in mind, as we had discussed, was to ensure that each group were distinct and different from each other. So some forethought and planning will be required here it seems. Wonder if I can outsource the thinking aspect to my new team at work? Or would that be an abuse of power in a new position? :)

Now this is all good and dandy.. but while looking at Zzzzz's blog.. I have sen others helping him with his miniatures these days.. such as a fellow blogger Admiral Drax and his mass legions of Imperial Guards! So I have a bit of reference materials now to go with to ensure that what he has painted is continued to a degree with aspects that I touch upon as well. Will be interesting to see how they mesh together, and what not.

So once I get the models painted up, and touched up ( tester IGs ) then I will post them up for their own post, and show before and after photos of them ( Zzzzz's idea not mind.. honest! ). Hopefully he will like them, and we can continue on with the rest of his forces in time!

Below are some "As is" shots of the models.. so we have the before shots, and now I need to make the afters!

Bloodcoat Original model #1.. not fair to Stewart cause it is Table Top quality and probably shouldn't be shown this close up!

Same goes for the Renegade Guardsmen here. 

Cawdor Necromunda Gang.. this brings back so many memories it is not even funny... really looking forward to painting this gang up!


  1. Should be some good stuff and memories for a lot of people!

    1. That is the plan! Hoping to jump into them tonight if possible for the IGs, and the Cawdors by this weekend.. Will see if the colors scheme is confirmed by then.

  2. *hrhrhr* I see some parallels here.
    I'm also itching to paint my other Gangers after unpacking them, even if nobody is playing the game anymore.
    Can't wait to see yours painted.

    1. Indeed.. once I saw your post I was like.. BAM.. someone bounce ideas off of, and to potentially compare with for tricks on how to paint them up. Scheme is not yet finalized ( or at least not the colors ) but as soon as they are, then I will be starting in on them. Should be good fun!

  3. awesome job mate. dont forget to ask him if he needs extra hands from Turkey ;)

  4. Some great looking figures that I wasn't familiar with. Can't wait to sese the final versions.

    1. Thanks.. am already finalizing the new colors on the IGs, and the Cawdors are getting their bases done at the moment.. will see how much I can get finished this week/weekend :)


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