Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: The model count..

Greater Daemons.. ASSEMBLE!!!!

Ok so to kick this project off.. I pulled out all the Daemon models that I have at the moment.. of course there will be more in the coming weeks/months..

The ultimate goal is to have enough of each of the core to do up 2x50 daemon units, and then to add in as many of the secondary units as well. This is one area I am severely lacking at the moment. Though once I get the core done, then I can really focus on other areas.

That being said, I will probably wander away from the core from time to time to just break up the monotony of the painting itself.

Some more photos of the beginnings..

Flamers, and Blood Crushers



Pink Horrors


Furies and Flesh Hounds.. 

Heroes of the Daemon Forces
Expect a lot of posts concerning these guys over the coming weeks/months.. and expect to see more being bought and added to the collection.. I know I will have fairly few games where I can use them all, but still I am working towards getting it fully finished! Keep an eye out for it ;)


  1. A lot of cool models there and retro school models as well!

    1. Thanks Fran.. indeed there are some oldies but goodies in there.. been scouring eBay as of late to pick some of them up.. helps to break up the mass of plastic within the army!


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