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Heresy: Blight Horde

Blights in the scheme as shown on Heresy Miniatures

Received a last minute email sent out from Andy over at Heresy Miniatures of a deal whereby if you spent 40, you only paid 30. I have always liked the miniatures that Andy has created, and figured that this was a good time as any to pick some up.

So with the deal code on the clipboard, I wandered on over to his website and had a little look around. Since my Daemon project is beginning to take off, I thought it only fitting to pick up some more Daemon models. It was a toss up between the Hellbeasts ( to stand in as Fiends ) or the Blights. Since I am more of a core collector, I went the Blight route.  

I want to make it clear, this format it similar ( ok blantantly stolen ) to TheFrontlineGamer (example here) review system. Though I suspect I will make changes along the way, it was a good template, and such I will start with it. Check out TheFrontlineGamer for more reviews ( and more cats.. you have been warned! ).

Product Description:

Quite simple, and has what it says on the tin.. 4 packs of 3 Blights, and a command set ( minus champion ). So 15 models in total. As stated above, asked to get the commands switched to regulars, and so I received 5 packs of the normal Blights. Also there is a choice to get some different heads if desired, so swapped out a few for the Triclops heads instead of the normal Blights. Just because I wanted some variety. 

Shipping: 9 out of 10

Cardboard box opened, and Candy inside!
Since I am living in Turkey, this is always the killer for me. And with most producers of good models ( Heresy being no exception ) being in UK, this is where a seller can make or break a sale for me. I have seen some charge exorbitant amounts to ship a small parcel. Claiming it to be part of the packaging process, as much as the shipping cost itself. Companies like GW for example have a flat rate of 10 GBP regards of what you order up to 3 pieces only. Even if it only costs them 1.49 in the end, you are still charged 10. 

Thankfully, Andy fits into the realm of charging only as much as it costs to ship, plus a bit for the materials themselves. For this order, it came to 2.69 GBP in total, which considering the size of the package, and how it was packaged is a damn good rate in my book! And the fact that it arrived in 3 days from England, is even greater, though not always at the powers of the supplier, still a plus in my book!

Opening the package, I was happy to find that each of the sets of 3 blights were in their own zip lock bag, and that the entire bit was surrounded with bubblewrap. With the cardboard shipping box it came in, it made for a very tight package, reducing the ability for the pieces to get bent or damaged in shipping. 

Quality: 8 out of 10

Blight Sprues, heads, and 25mm Bases
Once the package was opened, I had the chance to look further into the pieces themselves. I immediately dove into a model, and looked at its pieces. What was great was that each model was on its on sprue, complete with arms. So it was easy to see what matches up with what. Heads were on a separate sprue, but since all bodies had the same connection for them, this is logical. 

Checking the models over, there was a bit of flash on the bodies, and the mold lines are visible on the pieces. Not the worst case scenario ( definitely not any finecast issues that is for sure ), but a bit of scrapping, and filling was required to get a bit flatter appearance happening. Not much work required though, and definitely not something to write home about. 

First Blight assembled, with left arm re positioned.
With the first one picked up, I looked to see how the arms would align to the body. Being that it is metal, I have seen a few pieces from other companies that have horrible alignment issues. Where the joins for arms do not look to be even remotely close to fitting. 

Again, thankfully with these models ( or at least the ones I have put together ) the arm joints are quite well made. Only concern I had was for some of the arm parts had pour points from the mold that needed to be cut away. If not done properly, this could cause problems for alignment. As it is, I also wanted to pin it, even though they had a great connector, just because I use them for gaming and fear that they will break off mid game. Still even with this, the arms, where done by the book, were flush. You almost cannot see the join point. 

Service: 10 out of 10

Where to begin here. I mean it is a web-store, so there are no pushy salesmen trying to get you to buy something. Just a simple email, and the hope that it attracts someone with the shiny pieces he offers. 

That being said, when I was looking at the horde deal, my first thought was "I don't want the standard or musician.. wonder if I can get them removed and replaced with normal blights?". After some prodding from BuRock to just shoot an email off to Andy, I did just that. 

In all honesty.. it was Easter Monday, and I was not expecting a response. However, 2 hrs after sending a mail through his site, I get a response saying that Yes, I can switch them for regulars. Just make a note in the order, and Craig will do the switch. 

With that in mind, it was quite good. But what is even cooler is that the order came with CANDY!!!! Valentine candy that I would have gotten had I been in Canada back in February! Was instantly pulled back to my youth.. though.. I have to question the use of heart candy for miniature buyers... 

Price: 7 out of 10

Ok, so the trickiest part of the review here. Due in part because price is always subjective. In order to try to remove the subjective nature of it, I will do straight across comparisons. 

The order originally would have cost 40 GBP to purchase. For 15 models, that comes out to 2.67 GBP per model. Not including that it has been given different heads, and that possibly it could be mix and matched between the parts. Some models also got several arm variations too. 

If I were to order the same from another company that produces something similar, like say.. GW? It would have cost me 36.90 GBP from GW direct. I do not take into consideration purchasing them from Maelstrom, as that is no longer an option to Turkey, and if I bought locally, it would be a bit higher still due to shipping and customs. 

So with this in mind, GW is actually cheaper than Heresy to purchase 15 models that could stand for Plaguebearers. When you add in shipping costs however, Andy wins as the prices go to 42.69 vs 46.90. Squeeking ahead by 4.21 difference in favor of Heresy. 

BUT!!! Andy had the sale, and so I actually picked them up for 30 instead of 40, and so his guys come in much cheaper. Score 1 for the little guys, and also another reason why I would prefer to buy from creative small companies over the corporate behemoths that push their weight around too much. 

Overall: 8.5

Well.. so points above say one thing, but what do I think of them in the end? Would I buy from Andy over at Heresy again? Would I pick up more Blights, regardless of if they were on sale or not? 

Yes on all accounts actually. Not just because the sculpts are great, and add some variation to the units, not just cause Andy did a good job on the customer service side of things, but because the experience left me with a positive mentality. I got what I wanted, I got it in quick time, I got a deal, and most importantly.. I got candy!

I am hoping to get some of the painted up soon.. so keep your eyes peeled for some painted shots of them in the future :)

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