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Yedharo Models: War of the Zodiac Busts

So over the years I have been looking for some decent bust sculpts. I had recently purchased quite a few from Troll Trader on eBay that were from Scibor. Since then, I have been looking for even more.

Then while cruising around the net, I came across some very interesting bust sculpts based off of the Zodiac range! And wouldn't you know it, but one of the first ones was for Capricorn which is my wife's sign. Thought I was interested, I didn't quite purchase until I then saw the Sagittarius sculpt. So with this, it was pretty simple to order them, but how?

This wasn't as hard to figure out as I had thought though. I had found a few retailers online, however the pieces that I wanted were always out of stock. Then I stumbled upon the sculptors blog which had prices, and a contact email address.. and so I took the plunge and begun the process to order through him directly.

Product Description:

It was quite simple. I was looking for busts, and he had them. They are his own interpretation of what the Zodiacs would look like. Done up in different sizes. For the ones that I ordered were the 1/10 scale versions, and when they arrived they are of a decent size!

Shipping: 7/10

As usual, this is where many orders make it or break it. For me, it was on the line. Not because of the seller, as I knew he was selling his models through other major distributors like, and probably many others. So I knew he was legit, however it was coming from Spain. Nothing against Spain, but the rumor mill for their postal service can be a bit of a let down. Then there was the Turkish customs. As the package was potentially going to break the custom limit, and could have been stalled there.

With the final email being sent on April 3rd, they finally arrived April 26th. A total of 23 days to arrive. To come from Spain to Turkey I find this a bit long, however there was several holidays in between this. I just seem to be used to the 3-4 business days when ordering from UK to Turkey. Then again, this could be apple to oranges here so..

Upside.. because I ordered 2 of them from him directly, I only paid 5 Euros for shipping. So for cost versus time, it was good. And now that I know how long it takes, my expectations from Spain are better met.

Opening the rather large box that they came in, it was nice to see them each in their own plastic container. Store front styled, and having quite a bit of packing foam around them to prevent them from moving around too much.

Quality: 7/10

Well, as usual, I just break open the boxes and check the contents. The Capricorn bust came in 3 resin pieces. Aside from a bit of flash on the connector pieces for the horns, it is a perfect fit. Very little flash on the models overall. A bit on the horns as stated, some on the bottom area also.

For the Sagittarius model, it came in a lot more pieces. The main aspect is resin, as is the long hair section. But then there are a ton of little pieces cast in metal. The main piece has no flash, however the hair piece has quite a bit of flash on it. Nothing too serious, but enough that it will require a bit of work to make it fit, and perhaps a bit of re-working to fix some of the hair area also.

I haven't had the chance to put one together, but so far it is not looking overly difficult. The Sagittarius model being the mode complicated of the 2 due to how many pieces it has. The only thing I am concerned with is that there is less actual detail on the skin then there could be. It will be a nice challenge to see if I can do some decent transitions on them once I get to painting them.

Service: 9/10

Yedharo models was in constant communication with me throughout the purchase process. Sending me replies to my mails, and informing me of the steps he was going through for sending it to me. Or what he was facing at the time ( such as the postal service in Spain being closed for an extended holidays! ).

He did his best to keep me informed as to what was happening, and really tried to make sure that I got the best deal while not bankrupting himself. I wish I had a bit more money, and I would have ordered 3 busts to get the free shipping option he was going to provide me.

Price: 7/10

It is a small company, and they are just trying to get off the ground. So I can understand the reasons for the cost itself, but they are a bit pricey for busts. I mean in comparison, the Scibor ones are 20 Euros, whereas these were 30 for the Capricorn one, and 32 for the Sagittarius one.

As they are good quality, it is justified, no doubt, however I hope in time that the cost comes down, and they go more mainstream. Scibor has done so, and is now available in many online retailer, whereas Yedharo has not branched out as far.

What is good, is that through my communication it was made clear that soon they will be opening a proper shopping cart storefront on their own site. So that people don't have to take a leap of faith that all is well, and shop with confidence with them. My hope is that when this happens, they get more exposure, and thus more people buy their products. Time will tell on that one.

Overall: 7.5/10

So with all the data above, what do I think of the product.. I think they are good.. There is enough detail on them to make they stand out. The communication aspect with Yedharo was quite good also.

Would I order again, currently.. yes.. I would.. but mostly to keep collecting the War of Zodiac range. If they paint up well, then I will probably also pick up their 54mm versions of the Zodiacs also. My son's sign is Cancer, and he has just finished the 54mm version, and the bust is looking pretty sweet also!

Stay tuned for painting pictures in the future..

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  1. They look good and the price is an issue but looking forward to seeing them painted!


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