Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blast from the Past: Ogre Tyrant

The mighty Ogre Tyrant!!!

Way back in the day, before Ogres became all the rage I was building and converting a set for myself. Was almost 8 years ago that I had begun the army, and this guy was one that I converted just after coming to Turkey.

He was the the start of my Bretonnia Ogres!!! A regal Ogre, fighting with honor ( or as much as can be said of Ogres ) against any that didn't pay his mercenary fees..

Underneath this model is a regular Ogre Bull to at least provide the skeleton of the model in front of you, however from there I built up layer upon layer of green stuff.

Overall I think he came out really well, the chainmail was one of my first such attempts, and the layering of the breastplate was something that I had seen others have done like PsychosisPC ( heck I am even borrowing his idea of Old Stuff Wednesday for this post ). Great inspiration was made from his works, and others from the Ogre Stronghold forums.

Alas, this project never got too far however, as the time it took to do each model was getting longer and longer, and my motivation to complete the army diminished. Not due to how it played, as in 7th edition the MSU ( Multiple Small Unit ) style worked wonders for Ogres. No, it was due to my gaming club thinking they were too over-powered, and thus did not like playing against them. I had placed 2nd with them in a league back then, but it was the last that they had ever been played with.

Perhaps with the updated rules, I might get back to them, but the recipes for the skin and yellows are long past forgotten. So new colors would be put into play if resumed.

Alongside him however was also his trusty lucky Gnoblar. Another conversion based off of those from Monty Python. Since Ogres didn't have cavalry back then, I was making him feel like he was on a mount by having the Gnoblar chase after him with Coconuts!

The other motivation to even complete this though was an online competition that drew upon painting and conversion/sculpting of models. In that, I have came second based on the votes for this model, which I am still pretty happy with as a result!

More photos of him and others below..


  1. He's a beauty, I really do like Ogres!

    1. If he was a little more fair skinned it could be you Fran!!! Nice painting Mr Lee!!!

    2. Heh.. dunno about that.. but I have a few more that I could show off soon enough also. Maybe they have likeness to others in the Postie's rejects? ;)

  2. I like him and I wonder how you achieved this even coat of yellow. I hate yellow! :)
    Seems you're also on fire, you have a unbelievable output of miniatures posts in the last few days.

    1. Thanks! Actually this was painted a few years back actually, and the yellow was a complete pain actually! Was a base of brown, and then lots of cursing as I had to apply layer after layer of yellow on top of each other to make it look like this. Need to get back to this army and finish it up, just picked up the book.. maybe 2012 will see its return!

  3. nicely done! I like that tarnished sword & tones in the yellow, and the coconut is classic :)

    1. Thanks LF! The coconut gnoblar is a throw back to Monty Python's and the Search for the Holy grail! Mostly due to the fact that when I was building this army, there were no real cavalry available. I might even continue with this for the mournfangs though just cause it would be funnier!


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