Monday, May 14, 2012

Daemons of Chaos: Plaguebearers

Next semi-unit up are a small pack of Plaguebearers.

Now I did a review of Heresy early in the week of their models, and directly after doing that I set to work on painting some up. I have to say that I really enjoyed painting them, and they seemed quite straightforward to do up also.

For a color scheme I wanted them to be the traditional green, however I also hit a few spots with darker browns to give it some variation. I think I will expand on that in the future.

The swords I also attempted to do the rust scheme that can be found in the step by step of CoolMiniorNot painting guide. The expanded version of it, but not the real rust one that could cause me to have to get tetanus shots if I messed it up, or if anyone wanted to handle the models after they were finished.

Again, I am really happy with the coloring, and have already lined up the GW equivalents to get some work on them, and will do up the other 9 blights in due time.

Now, once more.. photos!!!


  1. These look great very disgusting.

  2. Beautiful and gross looking...perfect!

  3. Thanks guys! I really liked how they came out, and they have a lot more details than the old school GW ones.. was a lot of fun!

  4. they fit the bill well: very disgusting :)


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