Thursday, May 17, 2012

Painting Room and Gaming Room

I have seen a lot of people recently posting up about their painting and gaming areas as of late.

So with that, I spent a bit of time cleaning my main painting/gaming area up. Below are a couple of photos..

Table set up and ready for a game.. 

The biggest thing about the room is the gaming table itself. It was something that I invested in after a large commission last year. It sits roughly 7x5 feet in size. The top level also is removable, leaving a space under it for storing puzzles and things like a Lego Train set for the little one.

The view I have while painting.. usually I have some painted models on the table too for inspiration.. 

Air compressor for the airbrush

My desk is a simple Ikea desk, that I had cut part of it away to make it fit in the room alongside the massive gaming table. 2 Ikea lamps sit on it, along with my air compressor for the Airbrush.

Paint racks, storage drawers, and spackle for terrain projects!

Stereo and current project shelves.. before they move to the bigger display cabinet.

Behind me are 2 Ikea drawer units storing many of my modeling/terrain pieces, and a normal bedside drawer set for my paints, flock, and resin pieces. On top of them are the 2 Minicurium Paint Racks with the ever growing selection of paints. Normally these would sit on my painting desk directly, however it seems that the rooms only window brings the sunlight directly on top of them. The heat causing a few of the paints to pre-maturely dry out.

Stereo that I won from work a few new years past that allows me to put on some Audio Books or music while painting or gaming.

2 Ikea shelves for storing my current projects ( which are the Daemons now ).

Terrain storage, and client army storage. 

Racks for my modular terrain boards ( yet to be created ) and storage for unopened boxes of models.. 

On top of this, I have a storage for my terrain, and models that have yet to be assembled or are still in their original boxes and shrink wrapping... :)

Rulebooks, primers, and varnishes..

2 shelves in the saloon that holds my rulebooks, older models, and collection of primers and varnishes..

Computer and main display case.. 

And last but not least, the first piece that I had made when moving into this place almost 6 yrs ago. A display cabinet for my models, and some storage space for excess boxes. You can also see my computer in the foreground where I check out many blogs at night after the little one goes to bed and on days I don't paint.

Though the biggest question I have these days, what with the potential move coming, is will I get to keep them, and bring them with me or not. So finding the right place in UK to hold all of this will be crucial! A garage might be sufficient though for most of it though, I hope.

That is it for now. Back to work on the Daemons!


  1. Very jealous of your set-up here. All my painting gear is crammed into a relatively modest desk in the corner of our lounge. I then have stuff 'stored' in various locations around the house. I'd love to have a proper 'game room' to work in but I guess I'll have to wait until the kids leave home!

  2. That's a big beautiful set up, very nice and reasonably neat with a hint of messy!

  3. That looks like a great mancave. Wish I could have something like that.

  4. That's a great setup you've got there!! Very neat and tidy!!

  5. Thanks guys.. the wife has now decided we need to paint those rooms ( and the rest of the house! ) so I will spend this weekend packing everything up ready for painters to come and fix it, and then get the joy of re-putting it all back up! Hopefully it will still be all neat and tidy when I get to that point!

  6. i enjoyed every second there end looking forward to seeing the new version as soon as possible. if only you didn't run away from me all the way to UK... :)


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