Friday, May 4, 2012

MetuCon 40k Tusot Tournament - Game 3

Ok.. so after what I can only blame to be a horrible mess of a game 2.. and quite a sour experience with the organizers to boot.. I do my best to put it all behind me...

Also.. sorry for lack of photos in the beginning.. things moved so quickly that no photos were taken until Turn 4..

Whats funny is that my opponent had also lost his last game due to warnings.. but his stemmed from lack of FAQ, and lack of painting on his models.. then on a rule dispute over how his Jetbikes worked..

Jetbikes? Yes.. you guessed it.. I got to play against Dark Eldar again! However this time I would at least attempt to try to make it work better for me..

The first turn however was really uneventful, as was turn 2. His entire army was in reserves, as was mine! I actually placed models on the table before my opponent! A first if every there was one!

Whats more.. all of my units were on the table now on Turn 2! With my infantry sitting close to my corner, and my 2 Bloodthirsters and 2 Daemon Princes on his.. I was feeling much more confident on this game.

Of course his ability to drop some massive large template hits on my horrors did not make my life easy ;)

So with a few casualties, and a lack of being able to reach his fighter plane or raider, we continued on to turn 3..

Dark Eldar player brings more of his reserves into play now, and has moved a lot of his bikers, his 2 jet fighters, and some raiders near my infantry guys.. completely ignoring the big monsters on his side. Smart move.. wish I had thought of that :S

So with his bikes out in the open, I was drooling at the chance to open up on them with the flamers.. but oh no.. he knew what they could do.. and was forewarned.. so all remaining shots from his entire army went against them.. They did not stand a chance :) Only things left in the aftermath of that destruction were the Plaguebearers.. but then again they are like the cockroaches of the deamon army.. so this is not surprising..

Turn 4.. we have pictures!!!

So what happened here? Almost the entire Dark Eldar force is out now, and they are continuing to attempt to take down everything.. however I guess I have been holding back my 4/5/6s here cause most of my guys are surviving and the big guys are not taking any wounds!

The plaguebearers continue to take the brunt of the force of attacks, but survive.. and are able to charge into combat with the bikers.. though no casualties on either side occur.

As you can see.. we also got the night afternoon sun with its 25+ degree weather.. I was literally scared that my resin models would melt.. before I remembered that they were not finecast ;) 

Turn 5
With everything on the table, we begin to see a bit more of a strategy come out from the Dark Eldar player.. he begins by making sure that everything of his is out of range for both whatever shooting I had left ( death strike on Bloodthirsters ) or from Charges.. he continues to lay shots into everything, and causes a wound on the blue Bloodthirster.

From the Daemons side, the plaguebearers finally die in combat as they would be assaulted with over 70 attacks, but only just succumbing to the blows provided by the Dark Eldars. Having both the ward save and the regen on their side to protect them, but just not enough it seems.

The Bloodthirster is getting ready for some close combat fun, or at least is hoping to have some fun..

The blue Bloodthirster takes on the raider, destroying it as it did not move far enough, and kills 2 of the riders in the process.

The Daemon Princes of Nurgle hide.. yes.. they hide.. and try to survive..

Turn 6..

After a very fairly successful shooting phase on the red Bloodthirster with 3 wounds inflicted, the Dark Eldars attempt to charge him. Thinking that their Initiative of 6 will save them vs his 5..

The blue Bloodthirster is gunned down however and leaves the Princes to sit behind the building hoping they don't come for them.

So into combat.. with 10 wyches, archion, some other cc dude, 9 bikers with one of them being a champion.. the Dark Eldar player was pretty confident that he was going to win this combat. With everything having an extra attack on the charge, but only a few having poison it was going to be tough.. Strength 3 versus Toughness 6 meant 6s required to wound, and 5s to hit even since the God of War here has a 10 Weapon Skill!

The Dark Eldar player digs in, and begins to throw the dice.. many more than average begin to hit.. and he does score quite a few wounds.. however... the God of War is about to teach a valuable lesson upon them.. although he is reduced by 1 attack ( from some Dark Eldar gear ) he still manages to kill 3.. and win combat by 2! Taking no wounds in return.

In the second turn of combat, again the Bloodthirster drives home the hits, after weathering through a storm of attacks from the Dark Eldars. 3 more die from his attacks!

Now normally this game would end here.. but since the beginning was so confusing with the turns.. we both didn't realize the game was over.. and continued on with the game! Though to be fair, it was just to continue on this fight and see how long he would last it seems..

So during the Turn 7 combat, the Dark Eldars would again not be able to damage or get through the God of War's saves! And in return he would kill 2 more bikes in the process. This in turn would cause them to finally break and be counted as destroyed!

I have to say at this time, I am feeling pretty proud of Big Red here.. and a lot of people have gathered ( included the aforementioned ref ) to see what is going on.. and to see the rolls being made to save against the onslaught of attacks.. even my opponent at this time is no longer surprised that he is making the saves..

But he tries once more and does another round of attacks against it.. and when his last guy lands his last 2 wounds.. the mighty Bloodthirster rolls a 4 and a... 2.. finally dying in literally the last attack made by them before it would have been his turn to hit once more..

He will definitely be getting some extra attention in the future for this game..

Last round of combat where the bloodthirster got attacks still.. and routed the Bikers!

The aftermath.. on what would have been turn 7.. The Bloodthirster was actually dead at this point.. 
And so.. there you have it.. 3 games played.. a very intense mannerism in which to remember and learn the rules for 40k once more.. and an end result of coming dead last in the tournament due to the lost of the second game on warnings!

Did I have fun? Yeah.. my opponents were great.. Would I play in a Tusot tournament again? Probably not.. and I would highly caution to any foreigners planning on taking part or joining the Tusot crowd to their attitudes and gaming mentality. Unless you have a very very solid grasp of the Turkish language, and are ok being targeted against, I would strongly advise AGAINST joining any of their tournaments. Which is really a shame considering that organization aside, the players were all really great, and helpful throughout the ordeal.

That being said, my plans to continue on with my Daemons for Fantasy will continue now.. and I will not switch focus to my 40k Orks that I was considering depending on how I felt after this tournament.

Oh well.. as one of the main organizers told me prior to playing.. "It's our way or the highway" when it comes to the rules.. and since I drove for over 10 hrs to and from this tournament on a highway.. I will take the highway at this time.. it was more enjoyable ;)


  1. Nice looking demon!

    But oh- you kept playing after the game should end? That's a warning for both of you: you both lose. ;)

    Bummer about the attitude of those who run it, but nice you had some fun games with fun people, maybe you can have some casual games with those people, or a little mini-tournament with them.

  2. @Fran.. thanks.. am just glad to have been able to finish it in the end..

    @LF.. heh.. agreed.. we both should get a 4th warning then.. but if we get 5 then we are evicted from the tournament all together..

    Just glad that the players were as good as they were, and if I could find the time or chance to play against them in the future that would be great. Maybe next time I am in Ankara I will get in a re-match against the blood angel player and see how a game will go without a ref interfering all the time..

    Will do up a post concerning the Daemons soon enough.. as I am working on them more and more these days.. so expect many more posts on them soon enough..


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