Project: Daemons of Chaos: Nurgle Herald Finished

Ok so it didn't take long to figure out how to finish this guy up..

After sizing up the Nurglings, and seeing where they would fit best, I went to town on the base, and the Nurglings to finish this bad boy off.

I think he came out nicely, and the lava base came out a bit darker than normal, but I am also OK with this.. it looks like it is fighting against his plagues or something.

In the end, I used only 3 Nurglings for his base, mostly because I have exactly enough left over then to make 6 Nurglings bases. Of which how I do them will be kept secret until they are actually started cause I have more changes and additions to them to make still.

Overall, I think it fits, and as someone on another forum stated, he could be a Greater Deamon, but I have a ton of those already, so will keep him for Herald Duty instead.

More photos below.. and enjoy the weekend!

Lined up with some of his followers.. I think he fits right in!


  1. Yikes! the rot on his face.. gruesome.
    Of all the chaos gods I find Nurgle the hardest to understand regarding success in recruitment. Imagine these Northmen in the Old World or Space Marines sitting around a tavern, grumbling with their mates and considering their other options... 'Khorne? Maybe he's the one to throw in with, what better for a warrior than better in battle? Then again this Slaanesh gets you the women..." -another "nope, for me it's got to be Nurgle.. I fancy myself bloated and oozing from a hundred festering sores, yep that's the life for me, who's with me?' ;)

    1. Heh.. yeah.. though maybe its the fact that you can pretty much never be killed.. I mean.. ooo look a flesh wound.. just add it to my collection :)


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