Thursday, June 7, 2012

Projects: Daemons of Chaos.. and where it stands today..

How's this for a horde formation? :)
Ok so a small bump in the production line as of late.. been a bit busy with the travel, and the buying on eBay to get some real work done it seems. But the eBay bit has been a bit worrying actually.. as I have been scouring around looking for OOP metal Daemons to fill in my core choices.

So with this mental challenge of trying to source cheaper DoC models, it donned on me that I might have over ordered and should double check what I had, and what I still needed.

Thankfully the painting around the house is finished, and I had the chance to dig out all the Daemons I have so far, be they assembled or not, and check the latest status. I am happy to see that my eBaying has not bought too many more than I wanted to own a this time.

Starting with the ones getting painting love first.. the Daemonettes ( seen above ) are rocking it out at exactly 100 at the moment! I have 20 still in their boxes from my last trip to UK, and I will be assembling them soon enough, and getting them some paint during my next trip abroad ( which is next week to Belgium ). This combined with the 60 that I have finished, the 10 that I need to move to the new bases, and the 10 that are already primed and waiting for paint, means I have hit the quota here! Yay!

Next up are the Blood letters.. Nothing too fancy here, aside that I have only really 10 of them painted up at the moment. I have recently picked up 29 OOP metal Bloodletters, and it seems I have 4 more on transit as we speak. I have 40 of the new plastics, 10 need their heads, and 30 need everything else. I also have my original 11 beastmen turned bloodletters that I am on the fence of keeping. I mean they do the job, and they stand in ok, but do I really need them still though.. will see as I get more metal guys included. So all in all, this puts the total at 104 Bloodletters, and all need work in one shape or another ( even the painted ones will probably get repainted.

Then we have the Horrors. Love these guys, as they have the most character, even if they are not the strongest units any longer, or provide more boosts in the magic phase like they once did.

Again a real mis-mash of models here. Starting off with the 35 really OOP big hand metals, 6 OOP metals, 40 of the new plastics, and then my 20 floating eyeball conversions that I made the night before a tournament.

I actually like them all, and although I probably should not have the eyeball ones, I will keep them for now, and replace them at a later date. I think they make the unit a bit more unique which is kind of needed, but at the same time not really. So long as the colors all tie in I think they will work out nicely. Pinks and blues will be the main colors of choice here obviously.

My last core are the plaguebearers. I mean these guys are the workhorses of my army, but considering that there are no plastic available for them, and I was not the biggest fan of buying from eBay until recently, they have seen the least amount of love. Actually they are ones that are more likely to get converted from everything in my bitz box than actually finding the money required to fill them out properly.

Originally I was using VC Crypt Ghouls with Skeleton swords. Which is a nice little conversion to say the least. Will show them off more in another post later on.

The other "conversion" if you can call them that was using the older GW Zombies. Just painted differently. Yes.. I know.. sad.. But when gaming on a budget ( as I used to but am not at the moment?!?! ) you made due with what you had! However now I do have quite a few of the OOP metals, the current metals, and even some metals from Heresy. I have to say, that these guys are going to be my heaviest unit, as almost all the models are metal!

Currently they sit at 60 with 6 more in transit for them, and I am hoping to pick up more of the Heresy Blights, and maybe even ghouls ( there I go using things I shouldn't ) to fill out their ranks. A real collection in there, that hopefully will look like a shambling horde or pus and mucus when all finished.

So there you have it.. where I am currently with the Daemons project. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going and get them done before the end of the year. What with work travels, and other commissions usually taking up my time, I am hoping that I can make quite the impact on them when I focus or even while travelling due to their limited palette of colors.

Hope you liked..


  1. This is the sort of collection that puts you in good with the Dark Gods.

    1. Heh.. thanks.. that is what I am hoping as I think I will need their favor to get them completed.

  2. OMG. I think you're mixing up your Chaos army with a Skaven army :-) I thought my skaven drive me nuts but this is crazy.

    1. Heh.. indeed.. but to think.. this is just Core.. not characters, nor special or rares! I like to play big :)

  3. That is an impressive amount of Chaos.

  4. wow. I was waiting for the group shot, and yep, it certainly is impressive! Someone needs to put a meter light at the warp gate!

  5. Thanks Adam/LF.. am hoping I can charge through this army over the coming months.. will see if that bears any fruit though!


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