Friday, June 8, 2012

Project: Necromunda: Cawdor

So the conclusion of this gang is here.

The color scheme of enchanted blue and khaki with some muddying up came out nicely. Dark and drab enough to show the state of the gang in the Hive, but also with the brightness of the blue to show that they are part of a gang. Hair was done in a dirty blonde/yellow looking. Thought it fit well with their style, and also gave the models a bit more colors also.

The odd red was thrown in to give it a bit of a break in the full on Khaki pants.

Leaders got a bit more work on their weapons. The power sword done in blues, though will see what Zzzzz says about it. The second leader's chainsword got some yellow/black warning lines on it also. Always nice to warn the heretics that they are about to be hit :)

The part I liked the most is how the basing came out. A new style using the Vallejo Texture pastes. Starting with the White Stone, then using some of the Sandy Paste, before adding just a bit of Black Lava. The end result is what my street here in Turkey looks like. Rough, torn up, potholes, and well used. I plan to use this more in the future also, although it was time intensive due to having to wait for everything to dry between applications of different textures.

So with all that.. more pictures, and enjoy the weekend! Am off to a Fantasy tournament on Sunday, so expect lots more bat reps occuring next week.

Warning.. I'm about to hit you.. that is all!




  1. Did you paint them in just two days??? Oh my...
    Hm I like the full khaki scheme better, I think the red doesn't fit well to the blues.
    How about some street markings on the bases? Think that would be a nice eyecatcher and pull out the street theme a bit more.
    Keep it rollin'!

    1. Thanks, and yes was done in 2 sittings after work.. so about 6 hrs for the rest..

      I like the idea for the street markings.. am going to have to look at what I can do for that.. mmmm something to do this weekend potentially ;)

      As for the red, it was a toss up, but I think the odd ones helps break up the monotony as noted, but will see. If the client likes it, then ok, if not then I go back and update it accordingly :)

  2. They look really great as a group. Well done.

  3. Really, really nice work Big Lee.


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