Thursday, June 14, 2012

Night Goblin Squig Herders

With the tournament over and done with, and my placing in such a mid tiered pack, I thought I would do a quick post showing 5 squigs..

Now you might be asking.. why do I care about 5 squigs.. or squigs at all?!?!?

Well.. it is simple.. these guys were done up in about 4 hrs ( damn you drying time ) from nothing to finished due to me creating a list that required 5 more squigs than I had available! So in order to avoid losing points on painting ( which was not an option for me! ), and because I couldn't resent a new list as I needed to then reprint my lists, and I had no access to a printer. So the only logical thing to do was sculpt and paint 5 squigs before the tournament the next day!

So this is a quick break down of what I did, how I did it, and how they came out..

Warning.. these are not the best painted models, but they did their job admirably! 

To start off, I cut out enough ProCreate grey stuff to roll into 5 balls.. at first I had thought that they were too small, but in the end, they were a bit big or just the right size. If I do more in the future, I will reduce the size by 3/4th what is here now.

Then I left them to harden. Though it can be said that while they were hardening up, they also got a bit lopsided.. and deformed on one side. No problems.. squigs are not exactly known for their good looks anyways!

Next up, we add some legs.. but since I have attempted to make legs in the past, and it was absolutely horrible, I cheated this time!

I went through the infamous bitz box ( infamous as many of my gamer friends attempt to pilfer from it whenever they get a chance ) and found enough Ork arms to count as legs. Just cut the hands off, and glue to the bodies! Surprisingly this worked! Idea now stashed away for another day when more squigs are required!

Now however, I had hands but no arms attached to them.. and I was in need of feet.. well.. the best results come from the simplest of solutions.. and so the hands got re-purposed as feet!

But wait? Didn't I just cut the hands off? Indeed, so instead of putting them back on wrist to arm, I glued them arm to back of hand. Then added some more ProCreate to solder in the parts between them.

From here, I began to add some facial features. Nothing fancy, but enough to give them eyes, something that might resemble a mount, and in some cases, eye lids.

Also at this point I glued them to the bases ( of which I have a ton for some reason.. ).

It is at this point that they are beginning to look like squigs.. or at least more than just random blobs slapped together!

After the details were put on, I then coated them in Liquid Green Stuff to smooth out the wrinkles.

Forewarning here.. I was building these as I went along. I have to say that the LGS was great to help give them a smooth covering, but if I was planning properly.. I would have skipped this step due to the next step..

Which was coating them in Vallejo Sandy Paste to give them some texture! Doh!

Once that had a chance to dry, they were shipped outside to get some grey primer on them, and painting could begin.

Painting was done very quickly, with the thought to make them look frozen and that the texture was like freezer burn. Not quite sure if I pulled it off, but again they were finished at this point and I cared not from here.

And here is the end result. Bit brighter than the normal squigs I have already, but then again, these have a bit more character in their faces also so.. The ones on either side edges are my favorites. The left looking like he just stepped in something, and the right looking like "Cookie?"

End result is that for a few hours, some tests, and some dinking around with clay, I made 5 more squigs to my growing army of Night Goblins, and I got to score full points at the tournament for painting and conversion!

Happy results for me.. and away we go!


  1. They could do a cartoon series with these bad boys, brilliant work Mr.Lee!

  2. Made my day. They are great, I nearly fell off my chair after seeing the one with the "oh noeeees" look on the left and the "gimme five" one. Great Idea!

  3. Heh.. thanks.. was a blast to make them, and more so that they took no time to make! Will probably end up with making more as they were the MVP of the matches over the weekend.

  4. These are hilarious, and I mean that in the best way.

  5. Those are fun! They remind me of muppets :)

  6. your nutz mate... :)

    funny i was reading this while eating a cookie, heh...


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