Monday, June 11, 2012

Vore contest.. from Frontline Gamer again

Ok, just a quick one here here as I am off to Belgium for work once more..

If you like Bane Beasts from Maelstrom's new line ( well not new anymore but.. ) then you will want to sign up to Frontline Gamer's latest post/article concerning them..

This time it is the Blood-Maw Vore.. one heck of a model.. it is huge to say the least, and the sizes shown on the site do not do it justice.

So if you really want to get your hands on it, then check out post from Frontline Gamer, become a follower, and post on the article!

Hopefully I will have time to do proper posts throughout the weekend.


  1. That's a beast, have a good one Mr.Lee if you can!

    1. Quite the beast indeed! Am hoping to get it, but will see.

      As far as Belgium goes.. well its as duck weather at the moment. Rain with a side of rain, and some rain to help wash it down :( Hope it improves throughout the week though.


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