Wednesday, June 13, 2012

40k Ruins.. from Russia..

So.. a while back I was in Izmir and while there BuRock handed me off some terrain to use in the lair here at Mr. Lee's Painting Emporium. Quite a nice thing for him, but it came with a catch.. could I paint up some of his 40k Ruins that he bought off a guy in Russia on eBay?

I had to think on this for a whole 2 seconds before agreeing.. in hindsight, maybe I should have thought for 3 seconds and given it some serious thought, but meh.. such is life..

Well, actually it was not so bad to be honest here. It gave me an opportunity to try a few things out that I have been wanting to do for a while.

Really give my airbrush a run for its money, and see how much I have learned on how to use it over the past 6 months now.

With this in mind, I tackled the terrain piece without using a normal brush on it, and only hit it with the airbrush! Including attempting to do some OSL ( Object Sourced Lighting ).

End result? Well see for yourself!

The coloring was simple.. since it is for the far future, and it is run down, and it looks metallic, I went with a base of silvers. A darker one to start, and then hit it with a lighter one for highlights. Aiming at about 45 degrees downwards from the top of it. And some extra on the side pieces. Then for shading, I did try a few things here. I started with the Army Painter washes. Strong and Dark respectively, however they were just not giving me the reaction that I was looking for. So out came the Vallejo Black Wash. This stuff takes some getting used to, but once you figure it out, it is great stuff, and here it made for some great weathering and darkening of the model.

Once this was all done, I was trying to think to myself, what else could I do to it? And with that, OSL popped into my mind!

I had read a few tips on it, and researched it quite a bit in the past, but that all went out the window, and I did want I like to do best.. winged it and just attacked the terrain with a thought and a prayer! Poor BuRock :)

Was quite simple actually.. starting with the magic blue, and then ice blue on top but not as prominent. I did try to do some white on it also, to make it really glow or give it extra intensity, however it came out like crap, so I went back over it with the ice blue. And the end result is what you see here. While doing this, I did try to hit it in areas that would look to be powered up or glowing for some reason. So computer screens, behind some of the fans, the arrows as if they were warning or corridor lighting, and the such..

What do you think of the final effect? Keeping in mind that this took roughly 20 minutes, minus clean up on the airbrush, to accomplish ;)

Zzzzzz's guys standing in to see what it looks like with others on it..


  1. That turned out quite well mate! I've got one but haven't had the courage yet to use it!

    1. Got an airbrush? Sooner you start, the sooner you get better with it ;) Still figuring things out with it myself though..

  2. awesome job mate. you hit the jackpot with those glows.

    cant wait for our next infinity game. btw, whose turn is it to win now? :)

    1. Thanks.. glad that you like! And unfortunately I think it is your turn to win.. can do a small game I guess ;)

  3. I really like the glowing bits, reminds me of Iron Man's chest.

    1. Thanks.. and now that you mention it.. they do! Maybe I will do one up in yellow/red and have them more like Iron Man? mmmm ideas are forming..


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