Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Ruins from Russia!

Well vacation is over, and I am back at work today.. why is it that vacations go so fast and work goes so slow?

Anyways.. I had one day at home before coming to the office today, and with it I did some painting. One of the first things I painted up was the other ruin for BuRock. Mostly cause it was easy and I wanted to have something finished from yesterday's work.

So here it is.. I tried some red/orange lights to break it up a bit more, and think it looks OK. Photos below..


  1. I think they look not only OK, they look really good. A nice piece for a cityfight/necromunda/scifi table.

    1. Thanks. It is for Infinity more I think as BuRock doesn't do 40k.. yet.. but I think it can fit in to any Sci-Fi like you say. Will hopefully get a chance to use them if/when I get a 40k game in at home.

      Also fixed the page.. for some reason part of the text was in highlighted mode?!? No idea why.

  2. They look fine and glad to have you back sir!


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