Monday, June 25, 2012

Yedharo Capricorn Bust WIP

So I finally got around to working on one of the busts that I got from Yedharo a while back. You can see the article here concerning the review of their product. All in all it is a good product, and as they build out their Zodiac range I will pick up more.

Thankfully 2 of the ones they did first relate to both myself and my wife's signs, so it was an easy choice on to grab them really.

Hand in shot to show scale.. 
Although I am working on quite a few other projects, I had some time over the weekend to get started on one of them. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but was waiting for motivation to strike, and it seems to have struck hard!

One of the biggest things I want to do with this model however is to try to not use any metallic paint on it. So this means diving into the world of NMM ( Non Metallic Metal ) painting.

As you can see, the chain around his neck, and the discs have been started on.

The chain recipe was basically VAC Dark Sea Grey, and then mixed with VAC White up to a pure white. I think it came out nicely so far, but time will tell how it stands up.

The NMM Gold is still very much WIP here. It was a started of VGC Cobra Brown, washed with GW Flesh Ink ( OOP Color ), then hit with some VGC Scrofulous Brown. From here I then began to work in the yellows of VGC Gold Yellow, and VAC Gold Yellow ( which surprising have different shade.. who knew? I also threw in a bit of white near the end to give it some hard contrast.

Unfortunately, it actually looks better in the photos than in real life.. so I need to experiment more on it, and research on how to do it better. I was just glad to see that I had the colors that I needed to pull it off actually. Goes to show you that having 300+ paints kicking around can and will be a good thing from time to time ;)

So skin is finished, hair is finished ( as far as I am concerned ), chain is finished, his belt thing needs a bit of work, and the gold sections need redoing/touch ups. Then once this is all done, I will begin to work on the horns which are just base coated at the moment, but will probably get a brand new coloring done to them.

Plan for the horns will be something a bit lighter and brighter I think.. and the runes I am considering to do up with OSL ( Object Sourced Lighting ) in a blue tone. To give it a magical look, but I am on the fence with regards to that at the moment.

More photos below.. and more projects that don't involve Daemonettes to follow this week.. and more photos of this guy probably next week when I have a chance to sit down properly with him once more..

NMM Steel belt buckle, with an off black belt

Closer shot of his skin/face.. I really liked how the skin came out here.. 

Shot of his chain, and the golden medallions on his belt.. 

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