Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Daemons of Chaos: Counts as Fiends

Well, last post of the week.. and to finish off this week here in Belgium, here is 2 guys that I painted up before leaving to add to my Daemons of Chaos army!

I have seen this done before, so no real shocker.. but taking Chaos Spawns and placing them as Fiends of Slannesh. 

Honestly, I am not surprised. The Fiends are deadly units to play in Fantasy ( and 40k I am told ) but the models look like shiat.. for lack of a better word there.. 

So many take the Spawns, give them plenty of appendages, and send them forth as Fiends! And I am no exception. 

Coloring is weird, but again an experiment in airbrushing for the most part. Though this guy got liberal uses of washes after the airbrush. 

So not much stated today.. and I am now on route back to Istanbul, to meet up with the family before taking off to the south of Turkey for some much needed RnR. No gaming related activities unfortunately until my return, but hopefully I will get in a day worth of painting on Wednesday, and posting will resume shortly there after!

Till next time.. enjoy the weekend!

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