Friday, June 1, 2012

Project Imperial Guard: UK Version

So before the weekend, I wanted to show off the 2 tester guys I did up for the Project IG from UK.

The left guy is the Renegade model done up in army fatigues, and with bright yellow tiger stripes. More work will be done on them, such as adding some black to them. Below you can find the comparison of before and after:
Original on the left, updated on the right.. 

You can see that the skin tone was changed, and the fatigues are almost the same. I want to state right now though that the model was re-primed before painting. But I attempted to get the color as close to being the same as possible.

The satchel across his chest was done in brown, and then washed with Delvan Mud. Skin was simply Tallarn Flesh ( to which I am running out of ), washed with Ogryn flesh, and then touched up with the flesh again. Base was simple as it was the Vallejo Grey primer, and drybrushed with the Vallejo Stonewall Grey.

Metal sections are not as bright normally, but the lamps made them shine more so than the washes would normally show off.

For the Bloodcoat traitor, again the model was re-primed, and done up.. the red has come out a bit brighter than expected, so he will be going through a mud bath soon enough.

Old/New scheme.. some liberties were taken like gun color.. so far so good I assume?

The bronze is also a lot brighter, so will be running it under the mud as well.

I had fun painting this one though as the details on the FW Traitor bits are quite nice.

Red was from the Vallejo air colors. Fire red with a highlight of Italian red. Pants are Stonewall grey, and metals are Brassy Bronze from Vallejo. Hands and gun have some Dark Sea Grey highlights to them before getting some Army Painter Strong Tone wash applied. Great product btw.. as it is almost exactly the same as the older GW Badab Black. Base is once more primer grey and Stonewall grey drybrush.

Once he is muddied up, and has a few more buddies with him I will take more photos of him and shot him off.

Time to paint both was a bit long, but since both were testers to get to know what recipes and styles to take on them, it is not completely unreasonable. Hopefully when I have a few squads worth in front of me, I will be able to whip through them pretty quickly.

More photos of the finished guys below..

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  1. I like the traitor guardsmen. Great idea for hid head.


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