Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project: Daemons of Chaos: Nurgle Herald WIP

So another parcel of models arrived, and within it was a model from Maximini. The plaguebringer model.

As soon as I saw this model on eBay, I knew it would be a perfect Herald of Nurgle for my Daemons of Chaos project. And considering that I am having a hard time finding appropriate models for my heralds, I snatched it up as soon as I could!

Thing is, that it is a bit large to sit on a 25mm base, as currently it is sitting on a 50mm base shown to the left there!

With that in mind, I decided to switch it from a Herald on foot, and put it as a Herald on Palaquin, just minus the Palaquin ;)

My goal here is to actually just place some Nurglings around it, paint up the base, and call it done.

Painting was just like the other Plaguebearers, except I changed up the blood recipe a bit. To make it more thick, and dark, I added some purple ink straight into the Tamiye Clear Red paint, and then applied it while it was concealing. End result is a more gruesome looking blood sections on the model.. just wish the photos on the face turned out better as it would have been nice to show how his smashed in face looks like ;)

More photos below..


Quick shot of what his base with Nurglings might look like.. need to fiddle around with them more.. 


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    1. Thanks! He has a couple buddies joining him that should go up tomorrow ;)


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