Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project: Necromunda: Cawdor

Necromunda... oh how I remember this game well from my youth! And oh how I wish I could find enough people to play it once more.. I remember converting the newly made plastics from IG and Empire models to be gangs that would fight in the Hive worlds at our local gaming store.

Why plastics when they have such beautiful models? Because, I was still in high school, and pocket money was tight as it was while buying many other armies for the "core" games like Fantasy and 40k.

So when I got the chance to paint up some Necromunda gangs for a commission, well, I can just say that I am pleased as punch for the opportunity here!

More so that it is my favorite gang to start off with, the Cawdors! The fanatical, religious gang trying to expunge all that they see as unfit to be part of the hive.. To say that this puts a strain on their relationship with other gangs would be an understatement! But it is great fun to see them play out as they do, and see what kind of havoc they can cause when really fired up!

So the color scheme was one that went through a few choices. Looking at the GW site, and seeing the original color scheme, I liked it, but it looked too clean. And seeing that the comments from the owner of these fine models is that he likes his armies to look like they have been in a fight or 2, I needed to make them a bit more "used" or "dirty".

So instead of the ivory coloring of the cloth and clothes, I went with a base of Khaki to set the ground work. From here, beastly brown was applied to all the pouches, bags, belts, ropes, shoes. The alternative color to show their livery or gang colors was magic blue from Vallejo, and the rim of the tunic I put in stonewall grey. gloves, mask and gun done up in black, with a lighter grey highlight, and metals done in boltgun metal. Skin was in a Vallejo Model skin tone coloring.

Once everything was basecoated, then I basically washed the entire thing in various washes of Delvan mud, Strong Tone or Ogryn Flesh. End result? The above ganger! A few more hits of the original colors were applied to give it some highlights, but for the most part once the washes were applied, the model was finished.

For the basing, I did try out some new items I had picked up recently from Maelstrom. Mainly the Vallejo textures of White Stone, Sandy Paste and Black Lava ( already a favorite, but still learning of more applications of it ). Laying down the White stone to give it a rough base, then the Sandy paste to give it a concrete/gravel texture to it, and finally the Black Lava to add a bit more roughness or height to some areas. Painting it was easy with the Vallejo Grey Primer, a wash of Nuln Oil, and then a dryrbrush of stonewall grey to top it off. Quick, and dirty... just like the Cawdor gang in a gun fight..

Now this was the test model to begin with, and once the approval was gained, I am now able to go and paint up the rest of the gang. Currently in various stages of WIP, so expect to see more of them fairly soon.

Some more shots of the first model..


  1. He looks great to me, can't wait to see a gang of them.

  2. Very nice so far, I've always had a soft spot for those Cawdor religious nutters.

  3. Thanks guys. I like the Cawdor theme/fluff as well, so to paint them first is great!

    The rest of the gang is almost finished.. should be up by Friday hopefully!

  4. I was tempted back in the day, great work!


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