Monday, November 14, 2011

Horror Commission

Ok so it has been a while since I have had the chance to post. Work has been, well, busy to say the least. Between new projects, old projects, and then changing jobs between projects, it had left little time for things like posting. Though this has not left me with no time to paint.

So a recent commission I finished was a batch of 40 of the newer Plastic Horrors for Deamons of Chaos in WHFB. The brief for it was simple, make them pink and like the box art. Original scheme I had tried was closer to this lone character here.. But it was deemed to link pink and not vibrant enough.

Fair enough, so back at the rest. After a quick check at GWs site, I found their mock up color palette and I adapted it with the colors I had.

Seeing as this was a TT+ quality commission now, I leaned into the washes a bit more, and tried my hand at adding a bit more depth to them. Now you will notice that the photos are not the greatest, but my regular camera is missing a battery at the moment, and so my Sony Neo had to step in.

Overall experience of these models from assembly to painting was not the most enjoyable. The assembly of them was a nightmare. I have put together plastics before, but these seemed to take forever ( actually took me 11 hrs to get them together ). Once assembled though, painting all the parts was a pain due to how much covered everything else. Weird arm angles did not help here. Note to self for future.. paint in parts.. bodies and arms separate.

Once the base colors were thrown down though, the rest went quite quickly. Base coat of pale flesh, with a liberal coating of Baal Red, followed by a drybrush of a mix of 4 parts Pale flesh to 1 part Red Gore. More liberal washes of Baal Red to bring out the bright pink coloring and make the shading more evident.

Tongue was simple enough, Black base, Ultramarine blue, Enchanted blue, Sky blue, and a heavy Blue wash allowing it to pool and give different depths.

Flames again were quite simple. White base, 2 rounds of heavy blue wash, and then white to the extreme edges.

Metals was my common Bronze, heavy delvan mud wash, brass and gold extreme highlight.

All in all a decent unit, that will definitely be standing out on the table.

For myself, I will be working on my own horrors in the not to distant future, and will carry on the lighter pink scheme throughout them. Which I think better fits the older OOP metal Horrors from years gone by.

Cheers for now. 

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