Monday, November 14, 2011

Dark Elf Wyches

And we're back again.. this time with a special unit of Wyches, or at least the starting of said unit.

One of the areas that I have struggled with in the past was skin. My wife constantly has stated that it has come out too dark or not enough levels in it. So with this project I have the opportunity to work on more levels in skin.

As noted previously, my skin recipe is pretty simple. Foundation Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash. Thats it.. call it a day and move on. Usually this is enough for the dark elves as very little skin is showing under the hoods. Worst case I was doing another layer of Foundation Flesh.

However for the Wyches, since there is so much flesh showing, adding more layers was the only way to go.

Here I started as I normally do, but did the extra layer of flesh as a new base was required after the wash. Once that dried, I moved onto a mix of Flesh and Pale Flesh ( 50/50 ) to really make parts of the skin pop out. Slight Ogryn Flesh wash, diluted with some water, was added just to tone down the now extreme highlights.

What came out was what I think is my best skin painting I have done to date. Even better is that I still remember the recipe for it, and can replicate it fairly easy for the rest of the 26 Wych unit.

They are currently my focus on the painting table, and hope to get them all finished up shortly.

More pictures to come. 

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